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 Plugging In: Agilent Technologies Helps Future Engineers at Santa Clara University

A new partnership between Santa Clara University and Agilent Technologies, Inc. will give undergraduate engineering students access to the most current electronic test equipment in the industry. SCU and Agilent announced its sponsorship of the electrical engineering undergraduate teaching lab during a dedication ceremony on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

The SCU lab uses Agilent oscilloscopes, power supplies, multimeters, and function generators. The lab reaffirms SCU’s commitment to work with Silicon Valley companies, such as Agilent, to deliver an advanced engineering laboratory environment for the undergraduate program.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of our work with Agilent and hope that it will be an incentive to other innovative technology companies to partner with us,” said Cary Yang, professor and chair of the electrical engineering department. “Santa Clara University is very focused on delivering real-life challenges with academic achievement. This lab gives our students an excellent and competitive engineering instructional environment to learn and grow in.” Read more.

Watch a slideshow of the dedication ceremony.

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