Media on Reserve FAQ

Can I put movies on Course Reserves?

Yes, DVDs can be placed on reserve and they'll have a 4-hour loan period.

Can media from other libraries go on reserve?

No, only items belonging to the University Library can be placed on reserve.

What do I do if the library doesn't own the DVD I want on reserve?

Personal copies may be donated to be added to the collection and placed on reserve. Alternatively, a copy for the library may be purchased at your request.

Can streaming videos be accessed through course reserves?

Yes, if a streaming video is available through one of our streaming video services, it can be shared on your course list. You can also share the link in your Camino site.

How do I submit my request?

You can use the online request form or submit your request in person at the Library Help Desk.

Where do students go to get media on reserve?

Reserve materials are held at the Library Help Desk.

How do I make arrangements for a film to be shown to my class?

Contact Academic Technology (, 408-554-4520).