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Supreme Court Decisions

 Santa Clara University professors were in demand for media as  the Supreme Court reached several landmark decisions in the final days of its term. Pat Cain (Law) discussed financial complexities to be resolved after the Supreme Court's DOMA decision with the New York Times, a story that was picked up by several additional publications or sites. She also discussed similar subjects with Bloomberg and Forbes. Deep Gulasekaram (Law) spoke to  CBS5 about erosions to the Voting Rights Act, and  was also a featured guest on multiple time slots on ABC7  and KTVU (Fox), helping analyze the DOMA and Prop. 8 decisions. David Hasen (Law) spoke to KGO and KLIV radio, as well as KPIX (CBS) television about the tax implications of the DOMA case. Brad Joondeph (Law) discussed the same-sex cases as they were pending with the Mercury News, and discussed the impact of the decisions with NBC and  National Catholic Reporter. Margaret Russell (Law) discussed prospects for Prop. 8's revival for a widely reprinted Reuters story; was a guest on KTVU2; and blogged on three different cases (DOMA, Voting Rights and Affirmative Action) for California Lawyer (also picked up by the influential SCOTUSblog). She also spoke to Law360 and RealClearPolitics, and was a guest on NPR's Tell Me More (which aired on multiple stations nationwide). Jerry Uelmen  (Law) spoke to the Ventura County Star about the future of gay-marriage litigation, and discussed legal strategies in the Prop. 8 case with the LA Times; his comments to the Times were cited in the Christian Science Monitor and cited or picked up by 33 other papers or sites. And Jerry Shapiro (Counseling Psychology) spoke to the San Jose Mercury News about why people get married. About ten other news outlets picked up the article.


Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

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