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Multicultural Wellness 


During your years at Santa Clara University, you will have the opportunity of meeting people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Celebrating each other’s differences and finding common ground are important factors in a healthy community. A strong and healthy community embraces individual differences as factors that enrich the whole.

Understanding and appreciating cultures other than your own can also help you to understand yourself better. Learning about other ways of being puts your own vantage point in a global perspective, and can open new pathways of seeing the world. In today’s global business world, being educated about and appreciative of cultures other than your own are invaluable skills. Santa Clara University offers great diversity and no shortage of opportunities to learn about cultures and traditions. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your horizons.

On-Campus Resources:

Diversity at Santa Clara

Center for Multicultural Learning

Ethnic Studies Program

Program for the Study of Women and Gender

Multicultural Student Clubs on Campus
Arab Cultural Society
Asian-Pacific Islander Student Union (APSU)

Chinese Student Association (CSA)
Ka Mana'o O Hawaii
M.E.Ch.A-El Frente
Vietnamese Student Association


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