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The occupational dimension of wellness is involved in preparing for work in which one will gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in one's life through work. There is growing evidence to support the relationship between occupational wellness and the impact it has on one's physical and emotional health.


With the average professional week including at least forty hours of work, it is important to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. A first step in increasing your occupational wellness is to explore your talents and interests.  Working day after day in a job that is not interesting or rewarding can be a drain on your energy level and lead to stress-related illness. However, if you spend the time to really explore options and find a career path that is interesting, enjoyable, meaningful and contributes to the larger society, you can find tremendous satisfaction in your work.


Some Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What motivates you?
  • Which leisure activities do you find enjoyable?
  • What occupations interest?
  • Would you prefer working with others on teams; committees on group projects; or do you prefer to work alone?
  • Are you most interested in learning through reading and lectures or do you prefer practical and hands-on experience?
  • Would you describe yourself as a leader of a follower?
  • How comfortable are you with taking risks?
  • What is your fantasy job?


If you’re unsure of what you want to do after college, try exploring different possibilities.  Check out the Career Center where you can find out how to obtain a great internship or volunteer experience and get an insider’s view of what different professions are like. Interviewing someone who is already working in a particular profession is another way to find out what the day to day work is like and what qualifications are needed to enter the field. Look here to see the various resources available at the Career Center.

Signs of Good Occupational Wellness:

  • You have hobbies/interests/activities which bring you pleasure outside of your work/academics
  • You are comfortable with the direction of your future plans
  • You can accurately assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • You believe that you have the qualities of a valuable and valued employee
  • You are doing what you want to do with your life

On-Campus Resources:

Career Center

Human Resources

Human Resources Quarterly Workshops (for faculty and staff)


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