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Dear Arrupe Students

Thank you for your active participation at your Arrupe placements throughout this past quarter. We hope it was an enriching experience to build personal relationships with community members, engage with diverse perspectives, and learn about social justice alongside of our neighboring communities external to SCU. Though your formal commitment to Arrupe Community-based Learning has ended, we are happy to connect you with our Post-Arrupe Resource List! We have compiled numerous opportunities below for students who are wanting continued growth and enrichment through:

Direct Engagement in Communities

Additional SCU Opportunities

Opportunities for Reflection


Arrupe Weekly Engagement Team

Direct Engagement in Communities

Continue with your Arrupe Placement agency

Talk with your site supervisor about ways to stay involved at your Arrupe placement even after your Arrupe is finished. Many community organizations need extra volunteer help - check with your site supervisor about ways to stay involved! Please let us know at the Arrupe office if you do end up continuing at your placement.

Sign up for Arrupe as an independent student

If you like the structure of Arrupe Weekly Engagement, but don't have another course with the community-based learning requirement, you can register for an Arrupe placement without the course requirement. Students signing up as "independents" can sign up each quarter beginning Wednesday of week 1 of the quarter.

Get involved with a new community agency

Find out how you can get involved as a regular volunteer with any of these great agencies: Santa Maria Urban Ministry, Health Trust, CET Immigration, or Sacred Heart Community Service.

Volunteer with SCU's Thriving Neighbors Initiative

The Thriving Neighbors Initiative (TNI) builds connections between SCU and its nearby neighborhood, the Greater Washington Community of San Jose. If you’d like to get involved with programs such as economic development or community leader meetings at Washington Elementary School, contact TNI Program Director Irene Cermeño.

Become a mentor with the Thriving Neighbors After-School Programs

Would you like to build circuits with 5th graders? If you're interested in making a quarter-long commitment to serve as a mentor to elementary school students. Contact TNI Program Manager Abby Denk.

Go on an Immersion

Immersion experiences, local, domestic, and international, are designed to help participants see the world with new eyes, to recognize the unjust suffering of marginalized communities and individuals, and to allow those experiences to inform their vocational discernment. The Ignatian Center strives to empower immersion participants to let the reality of this world into their lives, so they can learn to feel it, think about it critically, respond to its suffering, and engage it constructively. These immersion experiences, and the profound reflection to which they naturally give rise, are privileged moments of vocational discernment during which participants are uniquely invited to consider their place in the world.

Join us for an immersion. Contact Charles Mansour or visit the immersions website for more information! Scholarships are available. 

Additional SCU Opportunities

Explore opportunities through SCCAP

SCCAP (Santa Clara Community Action Program)

Experience a Campus Ministry sponsored retreat

SCU Campus Ministry

Join a CLC small group

Christian Life Community

Opportunities for Reflection

Find your favorite on-campus Meditation Space

The SCU campus offers us so many beautiful spaces that are great environments for meditation and reflection. Try spending some time out of your busy day for meditation in a different space.