Architects of Peace Project

The Architects of Peace Web site is a gateway to exploring the lives of a diverse group of men and women who have devoted their lives to building peace. This site offers

  • Portraits and brief biographies of more than 70 architects of peace from around the world
  • Essays by the Architects on working toward peace
  • Resources for teachers and students, including curriculum suggestions, suggested paper topics, and links for further reading

Photographer Michael Collopy began this project with a magnificent series of portraits of people who were working toward peace from a diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds. The list includes diplomats and poets, scientists and religious leaders.

The project also includes this site with curriculum resources developed by John Farnsworth, a high school teacher, textbook author and member of the Santa Clara University faculty.

Many of the materials on this site are available in the book Architects of Peace. See all of Michael Collopy's books on