Santa Clara University

Accounting Mission & Goals

The mission of the Santa Clara University Accounting Department is to advance the knowledge and practice of accounting by providing high quality accounting instruction, research, and service for our students, the accounting profession, and the business community.

The Accounting Department shares with the University its fundamental mission to make student learning its central focus. Our goal is to develop superior students who will be sought for their skills, integrity, and professional attitude. We fulfill this mission through our involvement in several academic programs in which we strive to impart the accounting knowledge and ethical values that students in these programs need to understand and use accounting information in their professional business careers. We facilitate our students’ transition from the academic community to the professional community by promoting accounting scholarships, internships, and events that encourage student interaction with practicing accountants.

The Accounting Department promotes its overall mission by engaging in empirically- driven discipline-based scholarship, practice-driven advances, and pedagogical research on important accounting issues that is disseminated to our students, accounting scholars, and the business community through classroom settings, workshop presentations, and peer-reviewed articles. Our goal is to continuously improve the classroom experience and lead accounting thought through a mix of original research and thought-provoking commentary on accounting-related topics.

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