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Welcome 2012-2013 Cohorts

Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

The Executive Development Center and the Accounting Department at Santa Clara University welcome their two newest cohorts of the Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency (CAAP) program on September 1and 2, 2012.  As a postgraduate certificate program, CAAP admits students from any undergraduate major to continue their educations in accounting. 
This fall, the new CAAP cohorts are the most diverse in the program’s history.  These incoming certificate students come from over 60 different colleges and universities with undergraduate majors in over 40 different fields.  In addition, twelve students have or are working towards an MBA, three are law students, one has a Masters in Anthropology, and one has a Masters in Engineering Management. 
Although a business background is helpful, it is not necessary to be successful in the CAAP program.  The most common college majors for these entering students are Business Administration and Economics, but many students come from very different majors such as Evangelical Ministry, Geography, Film, Animal Science, and Biochemistry.
Not only are these students diverse in interests, but they also range in age and expertise. Several students are straight out of their undergraduate programs, with little work experience, while others graduated over 30 years ago and are looking to either enhance or change their careers.
This year, many students are from international programs in the Philippines, Madras, Singapore, Australia, India, and Bangladesh. The top alma maters this year were Santa Clara University, UC Davis, San Jose State University, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UC San Diego.
The common goal for many in the CAAP program is to become a CPA.  This program gives equal opportunity for the new students to satisfy all of the accounting units needed to sit for the CPA exam.   The Executive Development Center and the Accounting Department wish them the best in the CAAP program.

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