Santa Clara University

Yellow Pad Research Seminar Series

All Yellow Pad seminars take place during 11:45 ~ 1:00 pm time period unless otherwise indicated

Academic Year 2013-2014

Spring 2014


Speaker Affliation Paper Title Venuie
April 2
Tom Blake eBay Research Why Marketplace Experimentation is Harder than it Seems: The Role of Test-Control Interference Lucas 201
April 9
Michael Kevane Santa Clara University Reading fiction appears to not change economic preferences of rural Burkinabè
Lucas 108

April 16
(Leavey Research Series)

Teny Shapiro Santa Clara University
The Causal Effect of the School Day Schedule on the Academic Achievement of Adolescents.
Lucas 201
April 23
Kinda Hachem Chicago Booth Agency Cost Determinants of Bank Risk-Taking Lucas 108
April 30
Yasukazu Ichino Konan University Lucas 201
May 7
Gonçalo Pina Santa Clara University Lucas 108

May 14

Benjamin Moll Princeton Lucas 201
May 21
Manasa Patnam ENSAE Lucas 108
May 28
John Ifcher Santa Clara University Lucas 201
June 4
Grace Gu UC Santa Cruz Lucas 108


Winter 2014

Date Speaker Affliation Paper Title Venue

January 13

Shu Lin Wee University of Maryland, College Park Born Under a Bad Sign: The Cost of Entering the Job Market During a Recession Lucas  201
January 15
Aditya Aladangady University of Michigan Homeowner Balance Sheets and Monetary Policy Lucas 108
January 22

Douglas Campbell

University of California, Davis

Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing

Lucas 125
January 24
Mikhail Dmitriev Boston Collge

The Financial Accelerator and the Optimal Lending Contract

Lucas 125

February 5

Thuy Lan Nguyen Columbia Universisty

News Schoks and Business Cycles: Evidence from forecast data

Lucas 108
February 26
 Paul Jensen University of Melbourne Are patents really trade-related (and why)? Lucas 125
March 12
(Chair's Research
 James Konow Loyola Marymount University

 Should We Bother Teaching Economic Ethics?

Lucas 125
March 19
(Leavey Research Series)
Christian Helmers Santa Clara University  Trademark Squatters: Evidence from Chile Lucas 125



Fall 2013

Date Speaker Affiliation Paper Title Venue
September 27
Christoph Trebesch University of Munich An anatomy of ECB interventions in distressed sovereign debt markets Lucas 201
October 2
Alexander J. Field Santa Clara University The Savings and Loan Insolvencies in the Shadow of 2007-2023 Lucas 201

October 9

Gabriel Zucman University of California, Berkeley Capital is Back: Wealth-Income Ratios in Rich Countries, 1700-2010" (joint with Thomas Piketty) Lucas 108
October 14
(Chair's Research
(12-1:30 p.m.)
Subir Chakrabarti Indiana University - Purdue University  Indianapolis Equilibrium Contracts in Repeated Adverse Selection with Limited Commitment Lucas 125

October 23

David Rothschild Microsoft Research, NYC Forecasting Elections with Non-Represtative Polls Lucas 108
October 30
Will Olney Williams College The Composition of Exports and Human Capital Acquisition
Lucas 201
November 6
Petra Moser Stanford University Dead Poet's Property- Do Stronger Copyrights Increase Price? (with Xing Li and
Megan MacGarvie)
Lucas 108

November 13

Jacopo Magnani UC, Santa Cruz The Disposition Effect and Realization Preferences: a Direct Test

Lucas 201

December 4
Serguei Maliar Santa Clara University Solving Default Risk Models Using an Envelope Condition Method Lucas 108


Academic Year 2012-2013

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
April 10
Nicholas Wilson Williams College

Is Sex Like Driving? HIV Prevention and Risk Compensation

Lucas 201

April 17

Rhys Bidder San Francisco Fed Doubt and Variability Lucas 201

May 1

Josh Tasoff Claremont Craduate University Exponential-Growth Bias and Lifecycle Consumption Lucas 201
May 15
Gonçalo Pina Santa Clara University  Feedback and Performance in Tournaments: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment Lucas 201

June 5

Johanna Francis Fordham/Visiting UC Santa Cruz

Understanding the Accumulation of Bank and Thrift Reserves during the U.S. Financial Crisis

Lucas 201
June 12
Arunima Sinha Santa Clara University   Lucas 108

Winter 2013

Seminars for the Winter 2013 quarter will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.unless otherwise indicated

Date Speaker Affliation Title Location

January 14

Marcella Alsan NBER The Effect of the TseTse Fly on African Development Lucas 125

January 16

Vikram Maheshri University of Houston Do "Broken Windows" Matter? Identifying Dynamic Spillovers in Criminal Behavior Lucas 108

January 23

Willa Friedman UC Berkeley Antiretroviral Drug Access and Behavior Change Lucas 301
January 25
Marissa Beck Stanford University Incentives for Overbidding in Minimum-Revenue Core-Seleting Auctions Lucas 301
February 4
Paolo Giovanni Piacquadio Universite Catholique Louvain On Ranking Intergenerational Allocations in Risky Environments Lucas 301

February 6

Laura Gee UC San Diego Social Networks and Labor Markets: How Strong Ties Relate to Job Transmission On Facebook's Social Network Lucas 301
February 8
Teny Maghakian Shapiro UC, Merced What a Difference a Day Makes: Quantifying the Effects of Birth Timing Manipulation on Infant Health Lucas 201
February 13
Jaqueline Oliveira Yale University The Value of Children: Intergenerational Transfers, Fertility and Human Capital Lucas 201
February 15
10 - 11:30 a.m.
Javier Cravino UCLA Exchange Rates, Aggregate Productivity and the Currency of Invoicing of
International Trade
Lucas 205
March 4
Christian Helmers  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid My precious! The location and diffusion of scentific research: evidence from the
Synchrotron Diamond Light Source
Lucas 108
March 6

Ayca Kaya

University of Iowa Transparency and Price Formation Lucas 125


 Fall 2012


Speaker Affliation Title Location

September 26

Alex Whalley University of California, Merced

Private Gains from Public University Research: The Case of Productivity:
Spillovers from Agricultural Experiment Stations

Lucas 201
October 3
Marianne Bitler University of Califonia, Irvine Experimental Evidence on Distribution Effects of Head Start Lucas 201
October 8
Andrea Matranga Universitat Pompeu Fabra Mankind's Best Mistake: How the Frist Farmers Accepted Subsistence Living in Exchange for Stability Lucas 201
October 24
Michael Bauer Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco The Signaling Channel for Federal Reserve Bond Purchases Lucas 201
November 7
Bill Sunstrom
Michael Kevane
Santa Clara University Public libraries and political participation, 1870-1930 Lucas 201
ovember 14
Stephan Seiler Stanford Graduate School of Business Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service Lucas 201
November 28
Thomas Wu University of California, Santa Cruz

Familiarity and Surprises in International Financial Markets: Bad news travels like, good news travels slow

Lucas 201

Academic Year 2011-2012

 Winter and Spring 2012

Speaker Affliation Title
Michael Bordo Rutgers & Hoover

Deep Recessions, Fast Recoveries, and Financial Crises: Evidence from the American Record

Noam Yuchtman University of California, Berkeley -- Haas Medieval Universities, Legal Institutions, and the Commercial Revolution
Alessandra Cassar University of San Francisco Institutions, Culture and Economic Exchange: Experimental Evidence from Italy and Kosovo on the Causal Effect of Legal Institutions
Dongsoo Shin Santa Clara University Agency Problem as a Self-Disciplining Device
Stephen Salant University of Michigan
Rick Hornbeck Harvard University Railroads and American Economic Growth:  "A Market Access" Approach
Galina Hale San Francisco Federal Reserve Gender Ratios at Top PhD Programs in Economics
Bill Sundstrom Santa Clara University Did the Great Depression Leave a Scar? Long-Run Impact of Exposure to Very High Unemployment Early in the Career
Arunima Sinha Santa Clara University Expectations from the Term Structure
Jaesoo Kim IUPU Price Discrimination via Information Provision
Kanda Naknoi The Risk Premium and Long-Run Global Imbalances
John Morgan
(Chair's Research Series)
University of California, Berkeley and Yahoo! Research A Model of Flops


Fall 2011

Speaker Affliation Title
Fred Foldvary Santa Clara University Why Rent Matters:  Explaining wage and output stagnation with the classical determination of wages and rent
Katheryn Russ  University of California, Davis

All Banks Great, Small, and Global: Loan pricing and foreign competition

Michael Kevane Santa Clara University Robustness of climate as an instrumental variable to estimate effect of GDP declines on political change in Africa
Alan Barreca Tulane University Agricultural Policy, Migration, and Malaria in the 1930s United States
Jesse Cunha Naval Postgraduate School The Price Effects of Cash Versus In-Kind Transfers
Alexander Field Santa Clara University The Interwar Housing Cycle in the Light of 2001-2011:  A Comparative Historical Approach
Fernanda Nechio Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Are people aware of the Taylor rule?

Thomas Jeischo
(Chair's Research Series)

Michigan State University

Endogenous Entry in Markets with Adverse Selection


Academic Year 2010-2011

Spring 2011


Lilia Maliar 
Serguei Maliar

A Cluster-Grid Projection Method: Solving Problems With High Dimensionality

Michael Bar Longevity, Schooling and Lifetime Labor Supply
Jiawei Chen How do Switching Costs Affect Market Concentration and Prices in Network Industries?
Mario Belotti World Food Production and Population Growth: The Next 40 years - Can We Feed the Next 2 Billion People?
Desmond Lo A Theory of Bargaining Costs and Price Terms in the Absence of Specific Investments
Helen Popper Trilemma Stability and International Macroeconomic Archetypes
Adina Ardelean Trade Liberalization and Quality Upgrading: Evidence from the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Data


Winter 2011

Ricardo Fernholz Exchange Rate Manipulation and Constructive Ambiguity: The Meaning of Transparency
Samuel Pienknagura Financial Development, R&D and Growth
Alessandro Barattieri Comparative Advantage, Service Trade, and Global Imbalances
David Rothschild Forecasting Elections: Voter Intentions versus Expectations
John Ifcher Happiness and Time Preference: The Effect of Positive Affect in a Random- Assignment Experiment
Andrea Ajello Financial Intermediation, Investment Dynamics and Business Cycle Fluctuations
Jane Zhang Do Girls in China Compete Just As Much As Boys? Evidence from an Experiment that Predicts Educational Choice


Fall 2010

George Chacko

An Index-Based Measure of Liquidity

Dongsoo Shin

Voluntary Quality Disclosure under Price-Signaling Competition

Martha Bailey

The Opt-In Revolution?  Contraception, Women's Labor Supply and the Gender Gap in Wages

Alexander Field The Adversity/Hysteresis Effect: Depression Era Productivity Growth in the U.S. Railroad Sector
Jason Lepore Demand Uncertainty Leads to Diverse Collusive Dynamics
John Ifcher Economic Growth and Subjective Well Being Inequality: Evidence from the World Value Survey


Academic Year 2009-2010


Spring 2010

Latika Chaudhary Private to Public Ownership:
A Historical Perspective from Indian Railways
Jennifer Poole Business Travel as an Input to International Trade
Carolyn Evans
Adina Ardelean
Electoral Systems and Protectionism: An Industry-Level Analysis
Olivier Armantier A Reverse Auction for Toxic Assets
John Rasmus How Fragile is the Epic Recession: Prelude To Global Depession


Winter 2010

Luigi Pascali

Recruitment seminar
Banks and Development: Jewish Communities in the Italian Renaissance and Current Economic Performance

Ryan Banerjee

Recruitment seminar
Which coutries receive aid as insurance and Why?  A theory of optimal aid policy

Arunima Sinha

Recruitment seminar
Learning and the Yield Curve

Pym Manopimoke

Recruitment seminar
Trend Inflation and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve

Sebastian Fossati

Recruitment seminar
Dating U.S. Business Cycles with Macro Factors

Ilan Noy Recruitment seminar
Natural Disasters and Economic Growth


Fall 2009

 Kathryn G. Marshall  Consistent Cross-Country Estimates of Labor Productivity
 Dongsoo Shin

 Hierarchical Structures and Dynamic Incentives
Click here for abstract

 Jill Luoto Information and Persuasion: Achieving Safe Water Behaviors in Kenya
 Alex Field Do Economic Downturns have a Silver Lining?
 Jose Julian Cao-Alvira

Financial Frictions and Money-Driven Variability in Velocity

Note on Velocity: Solution to a cash-in-advance economy using finite elements and a parameterized expectations algorithm

 Linda Kamas

Are Women Really Less Competitive Than Men?

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