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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

At the Nexus of Innovation and Ethics

About Leavey

Fueled by the spirit of Silicon Valley innovation, all of our top-ranked programs at the Leavey School of Business provide rigorous study and high impact experiential learning, culminating in rock-solid business acumen. Plus the University’s Jesuit, Catholic tradition imbues all students with unwavering ethics and a commitment to social responsibility. This combination makes Leavey the perfect place to nurture the next generation of business leaders who will positively impact their organizations and society.


Jesuit Tradition

For nearly 500 years, the Society of Jesus has invested in education to make a difference in the world. At Santa Clara, new business leaders learn to balance economic, social, and ethical consequences of their decisions.

Ingenuity and Innovation

Santa Clara University is at the center of the most innovative commercial region in the world. Our geography is our laboratory to explore the elements of business success, helping students discover and leverage their own ingenuity.

Theory and Practice

With a firm grasp of both theory and practice—what should be done as well as how to get it done—our graduates bring the best tools and an energetic perspective to every business decision.

Knowledge and Values

New world business leaders need to understand the values that guide our society and employ those values when making decisions. These principles are at the core of the Leavey School of Business curriculum at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Teachers and Scholars

The faculty at the Leavey School of Business comprises both renowned scholars and celebrated teachers. These committed instructors and dedicated researchers create the knowledge and tools that are the foundations of modern business education.