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Bringing Silicon Valley to the World

Whether you are an individual looking to grow in your current role or change careers entirely, or you are a manager looking to improve productivity and increase your team's expertise in a particular subject matter, Santa Clara University's Executive Center can be a game-changer. Our faculty and facilitators will arm you with the knowledge you need to become a leader in your industry. We offer various certificate programs and professional credentials for individuals. We also offer partner companies custom corporate learning solutions that align company teams with the latest knowledge of how business gets done in Silicon Valley.


Programs for Organizations

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    • Create a program to fit your organization's needs

      Our faculty and executive speakers have the expertise to help you in the areas of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, finance, data analytics, AI, digital transformation, and more.


  • Experience business in Silicon Valley

    We deliver programs that center around Silicon Valley-based companies. Our programs offer the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, angel investors, and venture capitalists. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the Silicon Valley spirit.
  • Peter Schmeider

    “Our partnership with the Silicon Valley Executive Center is extremely valuable for us, because it combines practical, technical skill with entrepreneurship in a way that is unbeatable. We truly get the spirit of Silicon Valley in the center's programs, and our students love the experience,” 


Programs for Individuals

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  • Increasing Black representation

    Lack of representation at the top is not due to a lack of qualified black candidates. By preparing black executives for board service and connecting them to a network in our Black Corporate Board Readiness program, we hope to increase Black representation in the boardroom. 
  • “Across the nation, people are screaming, crying out for social equality and to get rid of social injustice, inequality. My feeling is that business has a role to play and that it’s very important for business to act now. If business does not show leadership now, people will look for leadership elsewhere.


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Current offerings

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Women's Corporate Board Readiness Program (WCBR)

Develop a plan to seek and obtain a board directorship position that aligns with you professional skills and values. This program pairs women with mentors who are experienced board members, and teaches the essential legal, regulatory and operating knowledge needed to be an effective board member.

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Black Corporate Board Readiness (BCBR)

Racial diversity starts at the top. Built off of the success of our Women's program, BCBR helps prepare black executives for board service. Our program connects those candidates to networks to increase the likelihood of placement. Join us in building a community that leads the way in social justice and better business.

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Equity Compensation Professional Designations

Our Certified Equity Professional Institute is home to two professional designations. Earning the Equity Compensation Associate (ECA) designation demonstrates knowledge of the fundamentals of equity compensation, whereas the Certified Equity Professional (CEP) can manage and design equity compensation plans.

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Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency (CAAP)

Jumpstart your career in accounting. Classes can be taken on weekends over 10 months. From professional development workshops to recruiting events, we give you the tools to help you get a job faster.

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Certified Financial Planner Program (CFP)

We offer both Self-Paced and Virtual Classroom courses that fulfill the education requirement to sit for the CPF Exam to obtain your certification. All faculty members in the program hold either CFP® certification or a relevant professional designation or license.

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AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp (in partnership with QuickStart)

Our QuickStart AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp is an accelerated program focusing on creating the next generation of AI and machine learning professionals. Prepare for jobs such as machine learning researcher, quantitative researcher, research analyst, AI and machine learning developer, and machine learning data science engineer.

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Cybersecurity Bootcamp (in partnership with QuickStart)

Our QuickStart Cybersecurity Bootcamp prepares students for successful IT careers. The curriculum is designed to be multi-disciplinary and simultaneously serve training for certification exam prep. Students will learn about hardware, operating systems, networking, coding in python and will progress to penetration testing over the course of 24 weeks.

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Data Science Bootcamp (in partnership with QuickStart)

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily, making the demand for data scientists bigger than ever. Take advantage of this rich job market with QuickStart Data Science Bootcamp. You will learn data science (big data), data analysis, cloud computing, and internet of things. Data visualization, data mining, machine validation learning, and testing will also be covered. 

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Cloud Engineering Bootcamp (in partnership with QuickStart)

Our QuickStart Cloud Engineering Bootcamp's rigorous curriculum includes lecture videos, workshops, and weekly projects. Concepts and theories of operating systems, networks, and cloud engineering will also be covered. QuickStart's industry-expert mentors provide real-world insight and advice to help you through bootcamp.

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Software Engineering Bootcamp (in partnership with QuickStart)

We work with industry experts, hiring managers, and software engineering professionals to curate an up-to-date curriculum. Course assignments and capstone projects will reinforce your training in leading-edge software engineering skills and allow you to develop a portfolio highlighting your proficiency in industry-specific tools.

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UI/UX Design Bootcamp (in partnership with Workforce)

Our UI/UX Design Bootcamp prepares you for successful Digital Skills careers. We pride ourselves in helping you achieve your career goals by teaching in-demand skills and technologies. Our bootcamp prepares you for an entry to a mid-level job in UI/UX Design. We offer different services to help you find that job, kickstarting your career in UI/UX Design.

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Digital Marketing Bootcamp (in partnership with Workforce) 

We pride ourselves in helping you achieve your career goals by teaching in-demand skills and technologies. Our Digital Marketing Bootcamp prepares and equips you with the tools and knowledge to obtain necessary skills for a career in Digital Marketing.

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Custom Program Partnerships 

We work closely with our corporate and university partners to build programs that address their specific needs. We help these organizations develop more effective senior leaders, stronger teams, and more powerful management practices. Programs can take place online or at Santa Clara University.

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Heroic Leadership

We have partnered with Chris Lowney, author of best-selling book "Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World" and OpusVi to launch the Heroic Leadership Programs, with online courses meant for healthcare professionals and leaders across all industries to realize their leadership capabilities and to cultivate a values-based approach to leadership.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is dramatically changing the way we manufacture products across the world. Our White and Yellow Belt courses, led by Anthony Tarantino, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Adjunct Faculty Member, cover the most popular Smart Manufacturing tools and technologies to improve organizational efficiency and competitiveness.  

Tilt Global Decision-Making Laboratories (DML)

Tilt Global DML helps participants develop better strategic decision-making skills under conditions of uncertainty. This 3-day interactive experience leads temas through a simulation that helps them respond to the challenging realities of the Energy Transition.

News & Events
Members of SVEC's Black Corporate Board Readiness program

Since 2021, Leavey’s Black Corporate Board Readiness program at its Silicon Valley Executive Center has sought to accelerate diversity in corporate governance through a structured executive education program for Black leaders.

Dennis Lanham Headshot and Unicon Board Announcement

The Leavey School of Business is pleased to announce the appointment of Silicon Valley Executive Center’s Dennis Lanham to the board of the global Consortium for University-based Executive Education (UNICON).

campus photo

Santa Clara University is proud to announce its partnership with OpusVi, a leading healthcare workforce development company, to co-develop a series of online programs for healthcare professionals centered around social determinants of health and mission-led leadership.

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