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The Business of Strategic Decision-Making in the Global Energy Transition

A Decision-Making Lab for Executives Inside and Outside of the Energy Sector

February 27 - March 1, 2023

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Become a Wiser Decision-Maker

Tilt Global Decision-Making Laboratories (DML) helps participants develop better strategic decision-making skills under conditions of uncertainty.

Throughout this 3-day interactive experience, teams will participate in an immersive simulation that helps them respond to the challenging realities of the Energy Transition.

Working Collaborating

DML Participants Can Expect:

  1. A coach-facilitated "serious game" in a simulated business environment
  2. Exercises that convey the importance and enduring nature of simple decisions.
  3. The global Energy Transition as the storyline during the simulation.
  4. A concluding self-assessment activity to apply newly-acquired decision-making skills to a real-world challenge, such as the war in Ukraine and the disruption of oil and gas pipelines.

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Optimize the Way You and Your Team Make Decisions

The DML provides a pragmatic and easy-to-follow framework to organize information to support effective decision-making. This includes analytical tools, information management methodologies, and strategies geared toward team-oriented environments.

Throughout the interactive experience you will gain confidence, critical thinking abilities and new understanding of how to navigate the business and geopolitical challenges influencing energy choices and systems.

The DML Simulation

Participants are given the opportunity to practice and test strategic decision-making in a safe and realistic environment. Teams are designated on the first day. Each team will run a simulated firm over a number of years and develop and execute a comprehensive strategic plan each year.

This simulation allows you to experiment with new (or even wild) ideas in a non-threatening environment that mimics real situations without the associated risk.

This simulation also provides an excellent team-building experience where teams can assess and deploy the knowledge and skills of their colleagues. Participants are also provided an opportunity to practice communicating with investors in the presence of external observers, including competitors.


We welcome innovators and business managers across all professions and industries. Energy is central to all businesses irrespective of sector—transportation, building systems, process flow, manufacturing, and even professional services and public policy.

You do not need to have an existing team in order to participate in the simulation. During the first day, teams will be designated. If you are interested in using the DML for your company’s employees and specific teams, please contact Gloria Turner at

No, this course is for anyone who wishes to understand and improve their decision-making process on an individual or organizational level. We welcome participants from diverse backgrounds as this increases the richness of the learning experience for all.

Yes. Contact us to enquire about our special rate for teams. Be sure to secure your spots as soon as possible since availability is limited. Please contact Gloria Turner at

8:30am - 6:00pm daily. Breakfast and lunch are included. 

Complimentary optional dinner from 6:15pm - 8:00pm on Day 3.

This is a 3-day in-person program hosted at Santa Clara University. 

In person attendance is highly recommended, but a small group of virtual participants can be accommodated. Please contact Gloria Turner at to request virtual participation. 

Program Curriculum

  • Business decision-making as industries transform: contextual analysis of markets and enterprise
  • Anchoring: developing an explicit interpretation of a real business context
  • Orientation to the strangely familiar world of the DML
  • Information management, business models, and industry evolution
  • Team assignment, presentation, breakout and debrief
  • Risk taking and the prospect of stranded assets
  • Communicating with the investment community
  • Management transition and alternative futures
  • Team breakout and debrief
  • Introducing the bridge to reality
  • Coaches summary
  • Team presentation, breakout and debrief
  • Certificate ceremony
  • Complimentary optional dinner from 6:15pm - 8:00pm

Meet Your Coaches

Navigate here to David Gautschi

David Gautschi, Ph.D.

Joseph Keating S.J. Professor
Dean Emeritus, Fordham University Lead Coach, Choice Models, Decision Making, the Economics of Services

Gautschi works to change public discourse about energy sources and uses and identifies business-based innovations that solve real-world energy problems.

Navigate here to Tammy Madsen

Tammy Madsen, Ph.D.

Chaired Professor of Management & Sr. Assoc. Dean at SCU, Assistant Coach, Corporate Strategy and Innovation

Madsen teaches strategy, digital transformation and innovation in SCU's EMBA, MBA and Executive Development programs. She received the University President’s Special Recognition Award. She also serves as VP-elect of the Academy of Management.

Navigate here to David Nagel

David Nagel

Tilt Global Decisions Inc. Coach, International Business and Finance

Nagel has 37 years of experience in executive positions of Fortune 500 firms in the UK, Africa, and the US. He has managed companies, served in headquarters in finance functions, and managed the Washington DC office of a major international enterprise.



  • Program Cost - $3,950 per person
  • Special rates are available for teams, groups, and organizations that wish to secure multiple spots. Please inquire about our group rates.
  • Contact Gloria Turner at for more information.


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