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Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Training
White and Yellow Belt Programs

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Learn How Smart Manufacturing Can Make Your Organization More Efficient and Competitive


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), also known as Smart Manufacturing, is dramatically changing the way we manufacture products across the world, and is revitalizing and reshoring American and European manufacturing for both large operations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our White and Yellow Belt courses cover the most popular Smart Manufacturing tools and technologies for continuous improvement within your organization along with how to use Smart Manufacturing to solve the most pressing problems.

Earn a Smart Manufacturing White Belt Certification from Santa Clara University

The White Belt program covers the evolution from Industry 1.0 to 4.0, an introduction to the major smart technologies, and how to use these tools to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

There is no prerequisite for the White Belt program. Students who participate in discussions and take a short quiz will receive their Smart Manufacturing White Belt certification.

Smart Manufacturing white machinery

White Belt Program Details

  1. Session 1
    Introduction to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
  2. Session 2
    IIoT, Robotics, 3D Printing
  3. Session 3
    Computer Vision, Big Data, Analytics
  4. Session 4
    Edge Computing, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing
  5. Session 5
    Basic Continuous Improvement Tools Using Smart Technologies
  6. Session 6
    Advanced Continuous Improvement Tools Using Smart Technologies

Smart Manufacturing yellow machinery

Take Your Belt to the Next Level: Yellow

The Yellow Belt program builds on the material presented in the White Belt program to demonstrate how smart technologies are transforming supply chain management, cyber security, logistics, and life on the factory floor. Yellow also covers the roles for women in manufacturing.

The White Belt program is the only prerequisite for the Yellow Belt program.


Yellow Belt Program Details

  1. Session 1
    Smart Manufacturing Technologies to improve Supply Chain Resiliency
  2. Session 2
    Smart Manufacturing Technologies to improve Cyber Security
  3. Session 3
    Smart Manufacturing Technologies to improve Logistics
  4. Session 4
    Smart Manufacturing Technologies to improve Life on the Factory Floor
  5. Session 5
    Growing Roles for Women in Manufacturing
  6. Session 6
    Smart Manufacturing Case Studies


Smart Manufacturing Materials and Customizations

Receive several continuous improvement templates and case studies based on Dr. Tarantino’s new book, Smart Manufacturing, The Lean Six Sigma Way.

A copy of Dr. Tarantino’s book will be provided.

These programs can be modified to meet your organization’s areas of interests and objectives. Contact us with any questions you may have.




This program is a comprehensive and accessible overview
of the technologies that are transforming industry.
Relevant to both students and practitioners.”

Harry Malins
Chief Innovation Officer,
Aerospace Technology Institute


A wonderful program to introduce students and
professionals to a career in operations or manufacturing.”

Deborah Cernauskas
Ph.D. Professor of Business Analytics and Finance,
Benedictine University

Who Should Take These Programs

Our programs are perfect for anyone involved in manufacturing and distribution in the 21st century. If you're interested in the intersection of smart technologies, continuous improvement, and physical manufacturing — these programs are for you.

Who Should Take These Programs: Working Professionals

Working Professionals

Individuals who work in manufacturing and distribution; whether you are looking to advance your career or learn more about what is happening in the industry.

Who Should Take These Programs: Students


Students studying manufacturing, mechanical engineering, operations, or robotics.

Who Should Take These Programs: Organizations


Companies and organizations that want a view of the future of supply chain operations. Group pricing available upon request.

SM-Toni Tarantino Headshot

Meet Your Instructor

Anthony Tarantino, PhD
Six Sigma Master Black Belt, CPIM (APICS), CPM (ISM)
Adjunct Faculty Member, Santa Clara University

Anthony Tarantino, PhD began his career in manufacturing leading supply chain operations over a 25-year period. He has led or mentored over 30 Lean Six Sigma projects as a Cisco-recognized Master Black Belt for Cisco Systems training over 1,000 employees in his popular lunch and learn program

For the last five years, he has supported smart manufacturing startups focused on industrial applications of computer vision in a client-facing subject-matter-expert role.

He has been an adjunct faculty member at Santa Clara University for over a decade developing lean/continuous improvement training and certification programs for students and corporate clients.

He is the author of 25 journal articles and five books for Wiley and Sons. His latest Wiley textbook is Smart Manufacturing, The Lean Six Sigma Way, available in May 2022.