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Evening MBA



Evening MBA

There's no shortcut to success

Our graduate programs offer the boost you need.

Evening MBA. When we say Northern California innovation walks through our doors after hours, we mean it. Working professionals are attending our evening MBA program and earning degrees in two years. It’s a part-time program that harnesses the influence of global business models to deliver an exceptional education based on real-world applications. Our MBA gives you unprecedented access to a rich network of peers, professionals, and professors in leadership roles. They are today’s entrepreneurial vanguard who work in some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Program Overview

Program duration: Two years, from full-time to part-time.

Time/schedule: Evening classes meet twice per week.

Course delivery: Core courses are cohort style; elective courses are flexible.


Silicon Valley walks through our door at 5:00pm.

Here you’ll be surrounded by and learn from perhaps the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. You’ll be exposed to topics ranging from apparel to analytics. Economics to entertainment. And fabrication to finance. 



Evening classes designed for your busy schedule, with support services like cafe dining, peer advising, and late office hours for the working professional in mind. See sample course schedules here »

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Apply what you learn in real time

Learn a new concept tonight and use it in your staff meeting tomorrow morning — because Santa Clara excels at bringing theory to life. Review our curriculum here »

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Stay Connected

More than 25,000 Santa Clara business alumni are found in every leading corporation in Silicon Valley, around the Bay Area, and across the globe. View a recent TED talk by LSB alumna Nilofer Merchant »

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