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Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Leavey PLUS Vision

The school’s strategic priorities, Leavey PLUS, creates collaborative opportunities for students, faculty, and organizations to address 21st century business challenges, conduct impactful research, and navigate technological advances and key societal issues, such as DEI, sustainability, and the future of work.

Leavey School of Business Mission

Inspired by Silicon Valley's spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the Leavey School of Business is committed to collaborative learning and original, rigorous, and impactful scholarship.  Through these pursuits we develop principled and creative leaders who transform people, organizations, industries, and society for the common good.

LSB-Leavey PLUS-Partnerships

Harnessing the unique innovative and forward-thinking ethos of Silicon Valley, Leavey is committed to identifying and fostering partnerships with top regional, national, and global organizations.  Leveraging the School's close ties with the business community enables students and faculty to cultivate professional relationships that benefit the community, lead to relevant research, and develop students into leaders and changemakers.


As our faculty prepare students to tackle the societal challenges of a rapidly changing world, they instill each student with the Jesuit values of Santa Clara University and the desire to benefit the greater good.  Be it in our pursuits of diversity and inclusion, sustainability, responsible governance, or innovation, each class and faculty member reinforces the importance of embracing the role of a caring and responsible leader.

LSB-Leavey PLUS-Leadership
LSB-Leavey PLUS-Unity

We will further incorporate a unifying purpose centered around three principles. 

Placemaking — Reimagining Lucas Hall to create dynamic public spaces that better facilitate learning and connecting with the larger community.

International idea nexus — Becoming a hub linking the region’s industries with educational and business partners around the world to bring a diversity of thought to today’s challenges.

Cross-disciplinary collaborations — Leveraging vast resources across Santa Clara University to create cross-disciplinary collaborations that inspire students to seek answers from unique viewpoints.


As a Jesuit institution, we will contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, many of which already align with our values. When our students go out into the world, there is an expectation that they motivate change. To stand apart as a business school, our alumni must stand apart as individuals.

LSB-Leavey PLUS-Sustainability

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