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Conscientious leadership is based on the principle that, to lead others well we must first learn to lead ourselves.

Here, at the Leavey School of Business, we live by this. By incorporating personal virtue, purpose, and accountability into our leadership, we are ensuring the best for our students and our organization.

Our deep traditions of values-based learning and educating the whole person sit at the intersection of business and education resulting in inspired and impactful leadership that instills the principles of ethical business into our students. 

The presence of conscientious leadership throughout our programs allows students to incorporate leadership into their daily lives by applying what they’re learning in real-time, thus reaping the benefits of our programs long before they graduate from our halls.  These not only drive innovation and entrepreneurship that result in personal success and service to humanity, but they create the future business leaders of tomorrow who are conscientious, analytical and possess an entrepreneurial mindset.