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Admissions Blog: Is a Part-Time MBA Worth It?

Admissions Blog: Is a Part-Time MBA Worth It?

Is a Part-Time MBA Worth It?

A Graduate Business Blog by Lenore Grant, Director of Admissions

Curious about the ROI for a part-time degree? Director of Admissions, Lenore Grant, talks about the benefits you can expect from a part-time MBA including financial gains, the value of your network, and a wide array of career resources.

If you are thinking about pursuing a Part-Time MBA, you may be asking yourself this same question, and wondering about the return on your investment. The good news is that an MBA can arm you with the tools you need to boost your career and salary faster than any other graduate degree. So, is a Part-Time MBA worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

A top benefit of choosing a Part-Time MBA program is that you can maintain your full-time job while taking classes in the evening. This means you can immediately apply what you’re learning and accelerate your career from the very first class. Looking to advance at your existing company? Your newfound knowledge, leadership skills, and improved communication are sure to be noticed and your next promotion is likely to come sooner rather than later. 

Maintaining your full-time job while pursuing your MBA means you’re still earning a salary while enrolled, saving you two years of lost income. Generally, Part-Time MBA programs cost less in comparison to Full-Time MBA Programs. Many employers will contribute to or reimburse tuition - sometimes you only need the support of your supervisor, so be sure to ask! So, between employer assistance, scholarships, personal savings, and other forms of financial aid, you can graduate with less debt and with an increased salary.

What about your network? Sure, you have work colleagues and college friends, but do you have contacts at every top firm in Silicon Valley? When it comes to making that career pivot, there is nothing more valuable than having a connection at your target company. Choosing an Evening program in the same region where you plan to form your career will provide you with those connections - especially if you want to work in a top competitive region like Silicon Valley. MBA courses are designed to get students working in teams, sharing skills and perspectives. Most MBA students report that they landed their next job thanks to a classmate who enjoyed working together. At SCU 90% of MBA students are employed within 6 months of graduation and most report receiving a promotion and/or salary increase while in the program.

Speaking of your career, a major perk of a Part-time MBA program is the access to state-of-the-art career resources.  The Career Team at Santa Clara, for example, offers 1:1 Career Coaching, VIP Career Treks to top Silicon Valley Companies, exclusive access to job postings, and a bevy of workshops that will equip you to upgrade your LinkedIn profile and resume. A Part-time MBA delivers great value when you consider that the price of your curriculum also includes personalized career support.

Selecting a Part-Time MBA program with a strong reputation and commitment to quality is important. Not only will you be taught by world-class faculty, but you will have access to a wide array of resources and an alumni network to set you up for success. Santa Clara’s Evening MBA is proud to be the #4 Part-Time MBA in California and the #20 Part-Time MBA in the Nation (US News & World Report, 2022).

Ultimately, earning an MBA is a big decision and a considerable financial investment. But, if you’re asking yourself whether a part-time MBA is worth it, the answer is yes - and the ROIs are undeniable. Not only will you see a financial return in the form of a higher salary and a lifelong increase in earnings potential - but you’ll also receive strong returns in the form of your own personal and professional growth. With this new set of knowledge and skills, you’ll be empowered to take control of your career and your life. And remember, be sure to enjoy your MBA journey!

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