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Operations Management and Information Systems: Management Information Systems (MIS) Minor

Professors: Narendra Agrawal (Associate Dean of Faculty), Manoochehr Ghiassi, Chaiho Kim (Joseph S. Alemany Professor), Steven Nahmias, Stephen A. Smith, S. Andrew Starbird (Dean of the Leavey School of Business)

Associate Professors: George Cai, Andy A. Tsay (Department Chair)

Assistant Professors: Ram Bala, Yasin Ceran, Tao Li, Haibing Lu, Sami Najafi-Asadolahi, David K. Zimbra

Undergraduate study in the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems (OMIS) explores the use of computer information systems and analytical decision-making methods in organizations. Essential to the conduct of business, these skills equip the department's majors and minors to design, implement, and evaluate systems central to an organization's success.

In addition to the major in management information systems (MIS), the department offers an MIS minor for nonbusiness and non-MIS majors, and the inter-departmental major of accounting and information systems (AIS).

The department's majors and minors may pursue a variety of careers after graduation, including management consulting, systems administration, technical sales and marketing, operations management, and roles as business analysts in public, private, service and nonprofit sectors. Past graduates have also gone on to various master's degree or doctoral programs, as well as law school.


Nonbusiness majors and non-MIS majors in the Leavey School of Business may pursue the MIS minor, enabling them to apply a deeper understanding of technology to their major.

The MIS minor has the following requirements:

  • OMIS 30 or OMIS 31
  • OMIS 105
  • Three courses from OMIS 106, 107, 110, 111, 112, 113, 117, 135, 137, 150, 170, 173, 199

Nonbusiness students minoring in MIS must also complete the following requirements:

  • One course in mathematics chosen from MATH 11 or 30
  • One course in statistics and data analysis chosen from OMIS 40, MATH 8, PSYC 40, COMM 110
  • Three courses in business chosen from BUSN 70, MGMT 160, MGMT 161, MKTG 181, FNCE 121, OMIS 108

Additional Requirements for Non-Business Majors Non-business majors pursuing minor programs offered by the business school are required to take courses dealing with the basic concepts of calculus and analytic geometry, statistics and data analysis, and core business concepts. The requirements are:

  • Mathematics: One course from MATH 11 (Calculus and Analytic Geometry I) or MATH 30 (Calculus for Business I)
  • Statistics and Data Analysis: One course from OMIS 40 (Statistics and Data Analysis I), MATH 8 (Introduction to Statistics), PSYC 40 (Statistical Data Analysis), or COMM 110 (Qualitative Research Methods)
  • Business Environment and Core: Three courses from the following list: BUSN 70, MGMT 160 (Organization and Management), MGMT 161 (Organiza­tional Structure and Design), MKTG 181 (Principles of Marketing), FNCE 121 (Financial Management), or OMIS 108 (Production Management)


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