Santa Clara University

OMIS Research

Faculty in the Operations & Management Information Systems are active scholars

and the selection here represents a small sample of their work. Each faculty's name links to a full profile and contact information.

Agrawal, N., (2009) Modeling Category Effect of Items in Assortment Planning for Large Retail Chains (Abstract).

Ghiassi, M., Spera, C. (2007) An Agent-Based Information Technology Architecture for Mass Customized Markets (book chapter, pp 162-184).

Feinstein, C., Morris, P.A. (2007) Optimal Management of Aging Assets in Electric Utility Systems. IEEE/Power Engineering Society (conference proceedings).

Starbird, S.A, (2007) Testing Errors, Supplier Segregation, and Food Safety. Agricultural Economics, 36(3), 325-334

To learn more about faculty research at the Leavey School of Business, see the faculty research website.

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