Santa Clara University

  •  Kirthi Kalyanam : Retailers & Black Friday : Various Outlets

    Professor Kirthi Kalyanam appeared in multiple news outlets regarding retailers and Black Friday.
  •  Kirthi Kalyanam, Dale Achabal & Xiaojing Dong : Black Friday Deals : WalletHub

    Marketing professors Kirthi Kalyanam, Dale Achabal, and Xiaojing Dong weigh in on Black Friday deals.
  •  Hersh Shefrin : How to not go berserk with holiday spending : Time Money

    Professor Hersh Shefrin was quoted in an article about overspending during the holiday season.
  •  Bob Eberhart : Tax Credits for Electric Cars? : GazetteXtra

    Professor Bob Eberhart wrote an op-ed that addressed the question “Should federal tax credits for electric cars be scrapped?”
  •  Sanjiv Das : Business Analytics at Work : United Way Silicon Valley

    Graduate business students led by professor Sanjiv Das worked with United Way Silicon Valley to gain insights into community needs.
  •  Meir Statman : Value-Based Investing : StarTribune

    Professor Meir Statman was quoted in an article about the growing popularity of value-based investing.
  •  Meir Statman : Need a Nudge, or a Shove, for Retirement Savings? : Yahoo Finance

    A paper by professor Meir Statman was the subject of an article in Yahoo Finance.
  •  Hersh Shefrin : Self-Deception : PMLive

    Professor Hersh Shefrin was quoted in an article by PMLive about managing compliance.
  •  Bryan Neider : Named CEO of Gatepath : PR Newswire

    Alumnus and LSB advisory board member Bryan Neider was recently named the new CEO of Gatepath.
  •  Meir Statman : Ferrari’s IPO : Reuters

    Professor Meir Statman was quoted in a Reuters article about Ferrari’s IPO.
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