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The Team

Amy Peterson ,M. Ed.
Amy's role within the Career Center is managing the Co-op Program for engineering students and working with employer relations. She comes with a background in internship programming at a Silicon Valley high-tech company and has her Masters of Education degree from Purdue University in Counseling and Development. Read the full profile »
Courtney Budziak
Assistant Director, Employer Relations
As the Assistant Director for Employer Relations, Courtney manages the on-campus interview program and other employer-related events. Read the full profile »
Rose Nakamoto ,M.A.
Assistant Director for Experiential Learning
As the Assistant Director for Experiential Learning, Rose brings a range of previous experience, including coordinating internship and career development programs, overseeing the recruitment and talent acquisition process within HR, and managing a global executive education program for rising senior leaders within high tech and fortune 500 companies. Read the full profile »
Dean Ku M.B.A., M.A.
Assistant Director, Liaison to the Schools of Business and Engineering
Dean graduated with a master's in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University. In addition to his training as a counselor, he has an MBA and over 13 years of business experience, including overseas assignments in China for a large multinational corporation, and 7 years as an executive with a successful Silicon Valley start up. Read the full profile »
Elizabeth Krishnan M. Ed.
Associate Director
Elizabeth completed her undergraduate degree in Anthropology at SCU before returning to her alma mater in 2003 to support students in discerning their vocation - making life decisions according to their interests, values, and talents. Read the full profile »
Elspeth Rossetti, M.A.
Elspeth has extensive experience in business in Silicon Valley, having worked as an executive as well as consultant to several companies. Read the full profile »
Jennifer Ferrari ,M.A.
Assistant Director, Liaison to the College of Arts and Sciences
Jennifer completed both her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Career Development at SCU. Read the full profile »
Jill Klees M.A.
Assistant Director, Alumni & ECPPM
Jill Klees has worked in the career coaching field for over 15 years in both academic and corporate environments. She gained extensive experience working in start-up, non-profit and technology-based industries providing career related resources within the Silicon Valley marketplace. Read the full profile »
Nancy Myrback
Senior Administrative Assistant
Nancy has worked at Santa Clara University Career Center for eleven years and has been on campus for twelve years. She is responsible for supporting and assisting students, staff, and faculty and for the basic operations of the Career Center. Read the full profile »
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