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SCU Mathematics/CS Colloquium Series Fall 2010

Title: From Spheres to Dots

Speaker: Ellen Veomett, CSU East Bay

Tuesday 2 November, 2010
3:50 pm.
O'Connor 207

Abstract: Say you are given a rubber band which is not rubbery at all; in fact, its length is fixed. You are asked to make a shape with the largest possible enclosed area. What kind of shape would you make? This question is an instance of an isoperimetric inequality. Given a fixed "perimeter", find the shape with the largest "area". In this talk, we will discuss a few very different types of isoperimetric inequalities. We will explore the Euclidean isoperimetric inequality, along with a clever proof of that inequality using the geometric Brunn-Minkowski Theorem. We will then consider a couple of isoperimetric questions in discrete spaces; one being the set of all integer points inside a box. Some of the shapes of the resulting sets of minimal boundary may surprise you!

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