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Paul Abbyad

Assistant Professor

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Office: 408-554-6948
Fax: 408-554-7811
Daly Science 123

Degree Information
Ph.D. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
B.Sc., McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Biophysical Chemistry (Chem 150)
Physical Chemistry Lab (Chem 154)

Microfluidic nanoliter droplets for applications in biological and chemical assays

Recent Publications

  • Tullis J; Park, C.L.; Abbyad, P Selective fusion of anchored droplets via changes in surfactant concentration Lab
    on a Chip, 14, 3285-3289 (2014).Fradet, E; McDougall, C; Abbyad, P; Dangla, R; McGloin, D; Baroud, CN (2011) Combining rails and anchors with laserforcing for selective manipulation within 2D droplet arrays . Lab on a Chip 11, 4228-4234
  • Abbyad, P; Dangla, R; Alexandrou, A; Baroud, CN (2011) Rails and Anchors: Guiding and Trapping Droplet Microreactors in Two Dimensions. Lab on a Chip 11 (5), 813 - 821
  • Abbyad, P; Tharaux P-L; Martin J-L; Baroud, CN; Alexandrou, A (2010) Sickling of Red Blood Cells through Rapid Oxygen Exchange in Microfluidic Drops. Lab on a Chip 10, 2505- 2512
  • RSC Highlights in Chemical Biology:
  • Sithole, B; Abbyad, P (2010) Determination of aluminum soaps in pitch deposits by gas chromatography, TAPPI Journal, 9 (10), 19-22
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