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Engineering Graduate Services
School of Engineering
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, California 95053-0583

Phone: 408-554-4313
Fax: 408-554-4323

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Part-Time Faculty by Department

Applied Mathematics
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering / Software Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management
Mechanical Engineering


Staff in the Graduate Services Office

Name   Phone  Email
Alex Zecevic, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Associate Dean for Graduate Studies  554-2394
Stacey Tinker, Director of Admissions & Marketing  554-4748
Lisa Jocewicz, Director of Records & Operations  554-4765
Laura Anne Dapper, Graduate Admissions Coordinator  554-1685
Cecilia Sinohui, Graduate Records Coordinator  551-3547

Academic Department Contacts

Name Phone Email
Stephen Chiappari, Chair, Applied Mathematics 554-6866
Melanie Massie, Administrative Assistant, Applied Mathematics
Yuling Yan, Chair, Bioengineering
Sotheary Beaumier, Administrative Assistant, Bioengineering
Nam Ling, Chair, Computer Engineering 554-4794
Apryl Roberts, Administrative Assistant, Computer Engineering 554-6805
Sally Wood, Chair, Electrical Engineering 554-4058
Veronica Bernal, Administrative Assistant, Electrical Engineering 554-5313
Frank Barone, Chair, Engineering Management 554-4984
Melanie Massie, Administrative Assistant, Engineering Management 554-4061
Drazen Fabris, Chair, Mechanical Engineering 554-4985
Peta Henderson, Administrative Assistant, Mechanical Engineering 554-4937
Melanie Massie, Administrative Assistant, Civil Engineering
Mark Aschheim, Chair, Civil Engineering





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