Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Government Ethics

Articles, cases, and links on creating a culture of ethics and values in government from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. The Center offers a national program in local government ethics that brings public officials together with Center staff and scholars to analyze real-world ethical issues in public service and to develop innovative tools and programs to address them.

Online Resources in Government Ethics
  • What is Government Ethics? (video)
    The importance of creating public trust
  • Introduction to Government Ethics
    Basic information for officeholders and citizens
  • Unavoidable Dilemmas for Public Officials
    Challenge for public officials in the areas of fairness, transparency, conflicts of interest, etc.
  • Government Ethics Articles
    Materials on conflict of interest, budgeting, campaigning, etc.
  • Government Ethics Cases
    Scenarios on personal vs. public morality, insider information, etc.
  • Student Government Ethics
    Resources for student leaders including sample ethics codes and case studies
  • Government Ethics Links
    Annotated list of Internet resources
  • Government Ethics Program Overview
  • Programs in Government Ethics
    Workshops, Presentations, and Training
  • Public Sector Roundtable

  • Quarterly meetings for council members, mayors, city managers, county supervisors, and others.

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