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Internet Ethics

Articles, cases, and links on privacy, databases, social media, search engines, and more from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the Ethics Center offers materials and programs for students, IT professionals, and companies in the technology space.

Online Resources on Internet Ethics
  • Introduction to Internet Ethics
    What is Internet ethics?
  • Your Privacy Online
    Teaching module for college courses
  • Articles on Privacy
    Materials on ethics and privacy, informational privacy, privacy law, etc.
  • Articles on Internet Ethics
    Materials on databases, hacking, social media, etc.
  • Internet Ethics: Views from Silicon Valley
    Blog by Internet Ethics Program Director Irina Raicu
  • An Introduction to Software Engineering Ethics
    Plug-and-play module for teaching basic concepts
  • Articles on Technology and Ethics
    Resources on databases, gaming, intellectual property, etc.
  • Cases on Technology and Ethics
    Scenarios on cyberbullying, video gaming, privacy, etc.
  • Techology and Ethics Links
    Web sites with a focus on privacy and high technology
  • Programs in Internet Ethics


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