Online Reference Sources

The following sections link to resources licensed by the Library plus free online resources drawn primarily from the Internet Public Library, and Library Spot.

Reference Databases

Credo Reference
Credo Reference allows you to search for articles from over 600 different electronic reference books and also works as a gateway to a very wide array of other information sources, including images, audio and video. It is a really excellent place to begin research with Topic Pages offering authoritative overviews and a Mind Map feature to assist in narrowing and focusing research and identifying keywords for database searching.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Also known as Virtual Reference Library
Provides the full text of over 200 subject encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, and directories.
Oxford Reference Online
A collection containing over 120 dictionaries and reference titles covering a broad spectrum of subjects from general reference and language to science and medicine, and from humanities and social sciences to business and professional.
Reference Universe
Reference Universe contains links to over 6000 online encyclopedias and printed specialized subject encyclopedias. Includes back of the book indexes and article titles.

Abbreviations & Acronyms

Sources which explain shortened forms of a word used instead of the whole word, and words or names formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts of the name of an organization or term (such as USA).

Book Reviews

Citation Guides & Style Manuals

Guides to creating footnotes, endnotes, or a list of works cited.

College & University Rankings

Sources which rate and compare colleges and universities based upon various statistical data, reputation, or other factors.

Country Information

Sources providing economic, political, statistical, and other kinds of information about countries throughout the world.

  • CountryWatch
    Detailed economic, political information and news for 191 countries. Country reviews include historical and political information, five years of hard data for key economic sectors, economic overviews, detailed maps, environmental situations, stock markets, investment climates, and taxation information. Continuously updated.
  • Country Information Pages
  • Library Spot


  • Oxford English Dictionary - OED
    The Oxford English Dictionary is a historical dictionary of English, covering the language from the earliest times to the present day. Entries contain detailed etymological analysis, and are illustrated by quotations from a wide range of English language sources from around the world.
  • Merriam-Webster Online
  • Internet Public Library
    English, non-English, bilingual (translation), and specialized dictionaries.
  • Library Spot
    Popular, foreign language, and subject specific dictionaries.


Lists of people or organizations giving their addresses, contact information, affiliations, functions, etc.


Maps & Atlases

Two-dimensional representations of geographic areas on Earth or another celestial body, and collections of many of them together, often under a common theme.

Search Engines

Statistical Resources

Web Catalogs & Directories

Sites on the World Wide Web, created by human indexers, which identify, describe, and link to other Web sites based upon their subject matter and content.

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