Sociology Databases

Connect to Alternative Press Index on the Web
Indexes over 250 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines covering cultural, economic, political and social change. 1991-present. Updated quarterly.
Connect to Berg Fashion Library on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
Provides a wide range of information on dress and body adornment worldwide throughout history. Includes the Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion and other reference works, the full text of nearly 60 other books on fashion, and an extensive color image bank. Updated continuously.
Encarta Africana - CD-ROM available at the Circulation Desk. Click to see a full list of CD-ROM databases.
Encarta Africana
Multimedia encyclopedia on the history, geography, and culture of Africans and people of African descent.
Connect to Encyclopaedia of Islam, Three on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
Version three is not meant to replace the earlier editions, but to update and expand upon them, reflecting a broader geographic, chronological and multidisciplinary scope. Also, this online version is as yet incomplete, with new articles and sections being added as they are completed.
Connect to Global Health on the Web
The only specialized database dedicated to public health. Includes information on international health, biomedical life sciences, environmental health, disease, nutrition, food safety & hygiene, health policy, and sociology of health topics from a global perspective.
Connect to GREENR on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
Environmental topics in science, international studies, business, law, and politics. Abstracts and full-text. Sources include newspapers, magazines, refereed journals, videos, podcasts, images, case studies, and portals for 160+ nations with an interactive map.
Connect to Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective on the Web
Indexes nearly 1200 scholarly journals covering the entire range of the humanities and social sciences from 1907-1984. Also covers many important scientific journals through the 1950s. For indexing of articles appearing 1985-present., use Social Sciences Full Text and/or Humanities Full Text.
Connect to ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) on the Web
On-campus access only.
New to ICPSR? Please read this brief introduction.
Covers a wide range of disciplines and areas of study, including political science, sociology, economics, population studies, criminal justice, public health, aging, education, psychology, history, and substance abuse.
Connect to Journal Citation Reports (JCR) on the Web
JCR is a resource tool for journal evaluation in the areas of science, technology, and social sciences. JCR can show you the: highest impact journals, most frequently used journals, hottest journals and largest journals.
Connect to JSTOR on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
Provides image and full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in history, economics, political science, demography, mathematics, biology, and other fields of the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences. Consult the online tables of contents for holdings, as coverage varies for each title. Updated monthly
Connect to Oxford Islamic Studies Online on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
This resource brings together several encyclopedias, dictionaries, concordances and other reference sources along with over 3,000 scholarly articles and book chapters, hundreds of source documents and maps and links to other authoritative Web sites to provide thorough coverage of current and historical Islam.
Connect to ProQuest Criminal Justice on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
A comprehensive database supporting research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends. The database covers criminology, corrections & law enforcement, criminal law, criminal justice, criminal rehabilitation, industrial crime, addictions (e.g., gambling), and child abuse. 1981-present.
Connect to ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
Contains more than 1,800 full-text articles and over 14,000 abstracts from scholarly journals and dissertations in the social sciences such as criminal justice, education, language behavior, linguistics, political science, sociology, etc.
Connect to Social Sciences Citation Index on the Web
Index to the journal literature of the social sciences. It fully covers over 1,400 journals spanning 50 disciplines. Coverage also includes items relevant to the social sciences selected from 7,000 other journals. 1994-present. Updated weekly.
Connect to Social Sciences Full Text on the Web Contains full-text articles. Click to see all full-text databases.
Indexes and abstracts articles at least one column in length from over 544 different English language periodicals in the social sciences, which includes anthropology, psychology, sociology, ethnic studies, political science, economics, geography, urban studies, and more. Fulltext of articles are available from about 175 of these periodicals. Indexing goes back to 1983. Abstracts began with January 1994. Fulltext availability varies title to title, but may go back to 1995. Updated daily. For indexing of articles appearing prior to 1983, use Humanities & Social Sciences Retrospective.
Connect to Social Services Abstracts on the Web
Bibliographic coverage of current research focusing on social work, human services, social welfare, social policy, and community development. 1980-present. Updated monthly.
Connect to Sociological Abstracts on the Web
This database is a primary resource for accessing the latest research in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database draws information from an international selection of over 2,600 journals and other serials publications, plus conference papers, books, and dissertations. Records added after 1974 contain in-depth and nonevaluative abstracts of journal articles. 1963-present. Updated monthly.
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