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Event Planning Office

Monday, Jan. 28, 2013
Event Planning Office

In December, the Event Planning Office (EPO) staff moved from the Benson Memorial Center to the Walsh Administration Building, and is now part of the President’s Office staff. Karrie Grasser, Assistant Vice President of University Protocol and Events, and her team of Elizabeth Carter, Mary Johnson, Blake Malcolm and Stephanie Woitte, will continue to provide the University with event planning leadership, advisory support, and services that advance University-wide event development and production management.  In the new organization, the EPO staff will continue to manage Undergraduate and Graduate Commencements, the Golden Circle Theatre Party, and staffing for the Board of Fellows. Since joining the President’s Office, they have taken on additional responsibilities including staffing for both the Board of Trustees and the Board of Regents.


The EPO staff is also tasked with developing a set of University-wide standards and protocol, which will help ensure that all events exhibit a level of consistency and quality showcasing Santa Clara’s excellence.  Further details will be forthcoming as the team transitions to the new organization and their new duties.  They are a  welcome addition to the President’s Office, and I look forward to their continued support and assistance in University events across campus.

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