Online MBA

The Leavey School of Business is proud to offer an Online MBA that blends strong ethics and values with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley. Utilizing a dynamic curriculum, students will learn what it means to be a discerning, forward-thinking leader and, in turn, how to become one. Our ultimate goal is to provide motivated professionals the education and access necessary to become influential in business while making the world a better place.


MGMT 3000 launches the program and includes a required 3-day, on-campus residency. Students generally complete core courses before enrolling in electives. The program concludes with MGMT 3052, also a 3-day, on-campus residency experience. Both residency experiences require coursework prior to and after the weekend.

Silicon Valley Dashboard

Designed to help turn ordinary professionals into Silicon Valley Professionals (SVPs), the Online MBA program provides a curriculum based in innovation and principled leadership. Throughout their SVP Journey, students will be able to track their progress with the Silicon Valley Professional dashboard. This integrative portfolio lets participants coordinate their elective courses and co-curricular experiences with their professional goals and invites them to reflect on their professional development during the program. The dashboard also acts as a networking resource, allowing students to interact with instructors, classmates, and mentors, and it provides a way for them to solicit and receive feedback on their current progress.


The Santa Clara MBA curriculum consists of 70 units across 42 core courses, one required elective (2 units) and 26 additional units of free electives. Students work with a Student Success Coordinator to understand and map out their degree path.. Online MBA courses at Santa Clara consist of a mixture of 4-unit, 10-week courses and consecutively taught 2-unit, 5-week courses. Full Course Descriptions can be found in Chapter 5: MBA Curriculum.

Online MBA Curriculum Core (42 units)

  1. MGMT 3000 - Leading People and Organizations (4 units)

  2. ACTG 3000 - Financial Accounting (4 units)

  3. ECON 3000 - Managerial Economics (4 units)

Prerequisite OMIS 3202

  1. FNCE 3000 - Financial Management (4 units)

Prerequisite: ACTG 3000

  1. IDIS 3700 - Effective Business Communications (2 units)

  2. MGMT 3200 - Ethics for Managers (2 units)

  3. MGMT 3050 - Strategy (4 units)

Prerequisite: ALL Core courses

  1. MKTG 3000 - Marketing is Everything (4 units)

  2. MKTG 3200 - Doing Business in Silicon Valley (2 units)

  3. OMIS 3000 - Business Analytics (4 units)

  4. OMIS 3200 - Quantitative Methods (2 units)

  5. OMIS 3202 - Analytical Decision Making (2 units)

Prerequisite: OMIS 3200

  1. OMIS 3250 - Analysis, Design and Management of Enterprise Platforms (2 units)

Prerequisite: OMIS 3200

  1. OMIS 3252 - Operations Management (2 units)

Prerequisite: OMIS 3202

Required Elective (2 units)

  • MGMT 3052 - Challenges In (2 units) Prerequisite: Taken in the last quarter of the program

Free Elective Courses (26 units)

Elective courses expand a student\'s knowledge in areas of particular interest or importance to the student\'s career and educational goals. Electives may be taken any time during the program assuming the prerequisite coursework is complete. Electives can also be used to earn a concentration in a particular discipline. Any course offered in conjunction with the MBA program, with the exception of those otherwise required, is considered an elective. For descriptions of elective courses, please consult the website. New courses are continually being developed and may not be listed.

Concentrations (see Chapter 5: MBA Curriculum) are available to online students: Data Science and Business Analytics, Leading Innovative Organizations, Marketing, and Finance.

SCU Anywhere Program

The SCU Anywhere Program allows students to take electives on-campus or online from another Master\'s program. This applies to the Evening MBA, Online MBA, Online MS in Marketing and Online MS in Finance and Analytics Programs. The SCU Anywhere Program offers greater flexibility and course availability for all Online and Evening MBA students. Students may take up to 16-units of elective credit in another program. Tuition fees will be based on the student\'s original program.

Student Responsibility

Students enrolled in the Online MBA program are required to follow the same policies and procedures as students in the Evening MBA program. Each student is personally responsible for knowing all of the academic regulations of the graduate business school. This includes, but is not limited to: grading, honor code, leave of absence, withdrawal, and concurrent enrollment policies. Please refer to the Academic Information section, Chapter 4, for additional information.

Graduation Petition Process

In order to graduate, all students must complete and submit an online Petition to Graduate. The information provided in the petition will be used to order and mail the diploma and list all graduates\' names in the SCU commencement book. If this data changes after the petition has been submitted, students must re-submit an amended petition. Students failing to do so could be omitted from the commencement book and ceremony.

To be eligible to graduate, Graduate Business students must complete:

  • All required coursework with passing grades specific to the year in which they began the program

  • The required number of units specific to the year in which they began the program

  • The program with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • AND, not have any I or N grades on their transcripts

Deadlines to submit a Petition to Graduate are as follows:

  • June graduation February 1

  • September graduation May 1

  • December graduation August 1

  • March graduation November 1

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