Retail Management Institute (RMI)

The Retail Management Institute (RMI) is an undergraduate minor in the Retail Studies program, recognized as an academic partner to the retail industry. We have a strong reputation for developing strategic leaders with the advanced skills necessary for success in the new technology-infused world of retail.

RMI provides a platform for deep collaboration and knowledge at the intersection of retail and technology, engaging industry and leading academics into the emerging and evolving concepts impacting retail today. The knowledge generated from this collaboration forms the basis of the retail studies curriculum.

The undergraduate minor in retail studies offered by the Retail Management Institute is an in-depth immersion experience that prepares and provides exposure to its students for a diverse set of roles including e-commerce, digital marketing, digital merchandising, planning and allocation, buying and supply chain management. The program is open to all University undergraduates. Students entering the retail studies minor continue to major in their field of choice and receive their bachelor's degree in that field.

For more information about the Retail Studies Program, please visit or contact Cindy Cooper

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