My Own Business Institute

The My Own Business Institute (MOBI) is the world\'s leading provider of free online education for entrepreneurs. The mission of MOBI is to start businesses that create jobs by providing training and resources to entrepreneurs around the world. MOBI offers three online courses: Starting a Business, Business Expansion, and Quick Start Entrepreneur. Topics include Deciding on a Business, Financing Your Business, Communication Tools, Accounting and Cash Flow, Choosing a Business Location, Negotiation Skills, and much more. MOBI also provides a free Business Plan Template and other resources. MOBI students come from 140 countries around the world and represent every kind of business imaginable. All participants are eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion and digital badge to demonstrate their achievement.

The MOBI curriculum and website are based on the work of Phil Holland, a successful entrepreneur and author of The Entrepreneur's Guide. By providing content that is engaging, understandable, and accessible, MOBI helps aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs alike take the next steps in pursuing their business goals. Content is available in English and Spanish.

For further information, please contact:

My Own Business Institute

Phone: 408-551-3549



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