Chapter 19: Campus Life

Santa Clara students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as part of their total development. The primary educational objective in supporting student activities and organizations is to foster a community that is enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds, wherein freedom of inquiry and expression enjoys high priority.

The following sections describe various aspects of student life and services.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is comprised of people who are committed to spiritual and personal growth. Its mission is to foster the spiritual life of our students and Campus Ministry values Gathering across difference, Discerning what is needed, and Transforming our hearts & communities.

  • In support of the University's mission to the "development of the whole person," Campus Ministry offers a variety of programs as well as pastoral presence to support that development, particularly the spiritual and personal aspects.
  • Campus Ministry provides a welcoming environment where faith may be explored, discovered, and developed through worship, retreats, small groups, and conversation.
  • In addition to eight full-time campus ministers, there are also spirituality facilitators who are associated with campus ministry and who live in the university's residence halls.

What does Campus Ministry have to offer?

  • Worship: Three Sunday liturgies in the Mission Church, daily noon Mass in the Mission, weekday Misas en español, weekly confession, University celebrations, prayer services, ecumenical (Christian) and interfaith services throughout the year.
  • Intercultural Ministry: Campus Ministry sponsors three faith-based, student-led organizations dedicated to the spiritual wellness of BIPOC students: Beloved Community for Black students, SLC en español for Latinx students, and the API SLC for Asian Pacific Islander students. We also have intercultural celebrations in observance of events such as Día de los Muertos, Simbang Gabi, Las Posadas, la Virgen de Guadalupe, and Lunar New Year, as well as intercultural liturgies for heritage months.
  • Retreats: Santa Clara students are offered a number of retreat experiences over the course of the academic year. Offerings include Search retreats, an Ignatian retreat, and a retreat for first-year students. Retreats are offered to persons of all faiths.
  • Prayer and reflection groups: The Spiritual Life Community program places students in small groups for weekly prayer and reflection. In addition, there are Interfaith Dinner Discussions, weekly Breaking Open the Word (reflection on the lectionary readings), RLC small groups, and outreach to student athletes.
  • Leadership opportunities: Students explore the values of "servant leadership" by serving and leading in all program areas, as volunteers, or in one of a number of paid internships.
  • Faith formation: Campus Ministry offers several opportunities for students to learn, reflect, and grow in regard to their faith through Scripture reflection, forums, and presentations. This includes preparation for the sacraments of baptism, first Eucharist, and confirmation in the Catholic Church.
  • Social justice awareness and action: Campus Ministry provides students with a variety of opportunities to live out a faith that does justice. Some key focus areas include participation in the annual Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice, and community service at a local school.
  • Faith-based clubs: In partnership with the Center for Student Involvement, Campus Ministry aids in the mentoring and support of all faith-based registered student organizations.
  • Sacred spaces: Throughout campus, there are spaces that can be conducive for prayer, meditation, and reflection, such as the Mission Church, the Multifaith Sanctuary in St. Joseph's Hall, or the Meditation Room in Benson.

Is Campus Ministry for everyone?

Yes! We welcome the participation of anyone interested in spiritual and personal growth, regardless of faith tradition. This is a time for learning about yourself and our world, and we hope we can accompany you in that exploration and deepening of faith and spirituality.

Student Media

KSCU: KSCU is a student-run, non-commercial radio station at 103.3 FM. The program format features primarily independent music, including indie rock, punk, ska, jazz, blues, electronic, reggae, and more. Students may get involved with the radio station as a staff member or as a volunteer disc jockey, office assistant, fundraiser, or sound technical staff. The staff of KSCU operates all aspects of an FM radio station in accordance with SCU’s mission and goals, and Federal Communications Commission regulations.

Santa Clara Review: The Santa Clara Review (SCR) is the University's biannual literary magazine and draws submissions from students, faculty, staff, and artists outside the University community. The Review is committed to the development of student literary talent in editorial knowledge and creative writing skills. Students may get involved with the magazine in several staff positions and with opportunities to volunteer in the areas of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and management.

Student Resources And Services

The Cowell Center promotes a holistic approach to students' physical, emotional, psychological, and interpersonal well-being. The Center's counseling and medical staff are available when students believe that their well-being is being compromised in any way. Through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Student Health Services (SHS), Santa Clara University Emergency Medical Services (SCU EMS), and Student Health Insurance, the Cowell Center has a wealth of health and wellness resources to support students as they navigate the academic rigors at Santa Clara University.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is staffed with psychologists who strive to promote, enhance, and support students' emotional and interpersonal well-being through a range of mental health services offered within a safe and confidential environment. Individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, and psychoeducational programs are available. In counseling, students work on a wide range of psychosocial and developmental issues such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, disturbed sleep, eating behaviors, acculturation, academic motivation, homesickness, family concerns, intimacy, and sexuality. All students are eligible for up to 10 counseling sessions per academic year; the first six (6) sessions are free, with a nominal fee assessed for sessions seven (7) through ten (10).

When CAPS is closed, an after-hours emergency and suicide crisis hotline (408-279-3312) is available to students along with Santa Clara's unique crisis webpage featured on the Ulifeline website.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) is staffed with a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and medical assistants. A psychiatrist, registered dietitian, and physical therapy assistant are available on a part-time basis. SHS provides high-quality services, such as primary medical care, physicals, diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries, immunizations, gynecological examinations, a limited in-house pharmacy, and medical referrals to specialists when needed. Medical visits to the Cowell Center's Student Health Services range from $10 to $50 per visit for all students. Visit fees are in addition to all other nominal associated fees, such as the cost of medications, lab/blood tests, and supplies. Visits to Cowell Center's Counseling and Psychological Services range in cost from no charge to $100 per visit for all students. For further information, see the Cowell Center website. When SHS is closed, an advice nurse is available by phone for students both on campus (extension 4880) and off campus (408-554-4880). A volunteer student emergency medical group, SCU Emergency Medical Services (EMS), is also available to take care of medical emergencies on campus. The health center is closed from mid-June to mid-August.

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