Letter from the Dean

On behalf of the School of Engineering faculty and staff, I welcome you to a new year in your graduate school journey. Some of you are continuing the engineering education path that you started with us as an undergraduate. Others might be seeking to change the trajectory of your engineering career. Still others might be boldly changing the very field in which you seek to contribute your talents.

We here at Santa Clara University are ready to help you on your graduate journey, wherever it started and wherever it will take you. Santa Clara University is committed to providing you a graduate education that combines rigorous instruction in fundamentals with the art of engineering practice. A Santa Clara graduate education will advance not only your technical knowledge and skills, but will also lead you to becoming a life-long learner, giving you a critical advantage in today’s rapidly changing and competitive workplaces that drive engineering innovation. Your graduate education will empower you to truly use your intellect and creativity to their fullest expression as an engineer.

The Santa Clara graduate engineering program aims to produce not only outstanding engineers, but also engineering leaders of uncompromising dedication, integrity, and conscience, who will be strong leaders in an increasingly complex global environment. As The Jesuit University in Silicon Valley, SCU is proud to be a vital and unique part of the limitless innovative force that is the heart of the Valley. Silicon Valley pioneers were driven to explore, to innovate, and to improve society through advances in engineering. That quest continues today not only in the Valley, but in the mind of every engineer who wants to make a difference. At Santa Clara University, you will find a community of teachers and scholars who will stimulate your imagination, expand your knowledge, and nurture your conscience and compassion so that you can take your place in a profession that can and will create a more just, humane, prosperous, and sustainable world.

For over 100 years, the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University has helped students turn their dreams to reality. We stand ready in our second century of engineering excellence to help you in your journey. Welcome!


Elaine P. Scott, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Engineering

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