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Dear School of Engineering Students, Faculty and Staff,

Around two years ago, the Engineering Council for Diversity and Inclusion met for the first time. This council convenes to this day and consists of faculty, staff, and student organization leaders who have been working towards developing a culture of belonging in the School of Engineering.

As such, we as a council wanted to address the tragic events that have been sparked by the unacceptable death of George Floyd, along with so many others. Black Lives Matter. These events have highlighted the systemic oppression in the United States that disproportionately affects our Black community. We need to do our part to address this.

These events, on top of a pandemic, are overwhelming not only in their own right, but in light of finals rapidly approaching: 

Students, do not hesitate to reach out to professors. Communicate your concerns to professors so that they can try to understand your needs and work towards finding a solution. If you still have difficulties, please reach out to the School of Engineering Ombudsperson at who can serve as a neutral third party for your concerns.

Faculty, be mindful that some students are more affected by these events than others. We ask that you reach out to your students and express your willingness to work with them individually to help them successfully meet your course objectives.

We are living through both a pandemic and a historical revolution. Please do not beat yourself up if your mental health is not the best right now. It is okay to not be okay. Give yourself permission to express fear, rage, and sadness. Go where you feel supported and respected. 

Lastly, we wanted to provide some resources for self-education and to continue this discussion. Education on the impact of systemic racism on the Black community is a critical step toward understanding crucial history and context and taking meaningful next steps. Use the resources below to gain awareness of how systemic racism fuels white privilege and the role allies can have in dismantling it. 

We are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive engineering school where everyone can succeed and feel welcome, safe, and supported. Through collaboration among faculty, students, and staff, we seek to educate and empower the community. We will continue to meet over the summer to develop resources and organize events to support the community. 

We hope to be allies during these hard times and beyond,


The SoE Diversity and Inclusion Council

AJ Anderhub ‘20

Daryn Browne ‘22

Ronald Danielson, Ph.D.

Ruth Davis, Ph.D.

Christian Jimenez ‘21

Charles Ju ‘21

Hohyun Lee, Ph.D.

Sarah Lopez ‘21

Mariah Manzano ‘20

Daniel Mendoza ‘21

Nicole Morales

Tonya Nilsson, PE, Ph.D.

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi, Ph.D.

Ricardo Padilla, Jr.

Elaine Scott, Ph.D.

Juliana Trujillo ‘20

Shane Wibeto

Sarah Kate Wilson, Ph.D.

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