Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Goodbye Claire, and Thanks

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Associate Director Claire Andre, who was one of the founders of Issues in Ethics, left the Center in January when staffing was reorganized under the Center's new strategic plan.

Andre became assistant to the director in 1987, shortly after the Center was founded. In the early years, she did everything from arranging conference keynote speakers to picking up the sandwiches. "She really helped to husband the Center's limited resources," said Director Thomas Shanks, S.J. In 1992, she won one of the first SCU Staff Recognition Awards for her work. She also received a National Research Service Award from the National Institutes of Health in 1981Æ83.

More recently, Andre had been concentrating on several core programs, including Issues in Ethics, where she served on the editorial board. "Her clarity and care helped many articles move from good to excellent," said Issues editor Miriam Schulman.

In addition, Andre was responsible for the Ethics at Noon series, which brings together SCU faculty and staff to discuss topics from welfare reform to University honor codes. According to Andre, a survey of Center programs showed Ethics at Noon participants valued the interdisciplinary perspective they gained.

Andre was also involved with the Community Forum, another campuswide project she described as providing "a setting where staff, faculty, and administrators at SCU can come together to discuss issues of concern to the University community and take action to strengthen and enrich our community."

In addition, Andre was part of a working relationship between the Center and the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation through which Center staff help museum designers integrate ethical considerations into their exhibits.