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MOBI Newsletter - December 2019

Welcome to the quarterly MOBI newsletter! We are approaching the end of 2019, and we hope it has been a great year for your business! Each quarter we will communicate important announcements and highlights from the MOBI program. We hope you will enjoy these updates and continue your relationship with MOBI on your path toward entrepreneurship! Feel free to opt out of this newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Thank you from MOBI!


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Finish Your 2019 Courses!

As a quick reminder, MOBI resets its program each calendar year. If you are currently taking a 2019 course, be sure to finish before February 1, 2020. Any work-in-progress will not be transferred to 2020 courses. **Partner courses are not reset.**

Don’t have time to finish your course before February 1? No problem! Just use your same account login to enroll in a 2020 course. Registration for 2020 courses will open in late December. You will have to start at the beginning, but that's just more entrepreneurial training!

If you finished your 2019 course earlier this year and have not yet downloaded your Certificate of Completion from your account, now is the time! When the courses are reset for 2020 you will no longer be able to access your previous courses. Click the button below for instructions to download your Certificate.


MOBI Launches Spanish Website!

MOBI has long provided our popular Starting a Business and Business Expansion courses in Spanish, and we are now excited to unveil our complete Spanish website! Visit or click the "MOBI en Español" link from our main home page.


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Navigation of Spanish content now follows the same organization as our main English page, and we have translated much more of our English content as well. Now you will find more blogs, success stories, information, and resources translated into Spanish and available through our standard navigation. 

The MOBI Spanish website is the first exclusively Spanish site within the Santa Clara University domain, a reflection of the SCU Jesuit education tradition and commitment to contribute to our community. We are excited to empower our Spanish-speaking communities in Silicon Valley and beyond with entrepreneurial learning. MOBI extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped make possible. 

Click here to read this newsletter in Spanish!

MOBI Success Story

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our MOBI students around the world. Each quarter we will share the story of one MOBI entrepreneur, or a group of entrepreneurs, such as this quarter's feature.



Immaculate Cleaning Owner Shares Her Story and Helps Women Entrepreneurs

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Mary Mora is the proud owner of Immaculate Cleaning, a business she started ten years ago with no formal training, one broom, and borrowed supplies. Today Immaculate Cleaning has over 70 clients and several employees. 

Mary recently took the MOBI curriculum through Emprendete: Iniciar un Negocio offered by this quarter’s featured partner, Yacanex Community. Her key takeaway from the course was a renewed and re-energized perspective toward her business. 

Mary also formed a women’s support group to help other Latina entrepreneurs gain confidence as business owners and overcome the obstacles to entrepreneurship she faced along the way. Read the full story to learn more about Immaculate Cleaning and Mary Mora’s inspiring journey.

Partner Spotlight

Yacanex logo

MOBI partners are an important part of our program! By forming partnerships with diverse communities of students around the world, MOBI can inspire entrepreneurship in ways that best meet the specific opportunities of each group, and always for free.

Yacanex Community is our featured partner this quarter. Yacanex Community is a new MOBI partner, while founder and community advocate Yacanex Posadas has been collaborating with MOBI for several years. Yacanex Community is an organization that focuses on education and entrepreneurship in underserved communities in Santa Clara County, with an emphasis on the Latino population. Yacanex Community helps bridge the digital divide by developing a platform that hosts programs, workshops, and company tech tours for students, parents, and small business owners.

* Why you chose MOBI? We felt teaching a business course in Spanish was a natural fit with the other programs we pursue to inspire and help high-potential, underserved communities to create their own economic security through education and entrepreneurship. We chose MOBI because of its proven track record in providing valuable, fundamental business education. We taught our first cohort this fall using the MOBI curriculum in a hybrid in-person and online course entitled, Emprendete: Iniciar un Negocio. We were right in choosing MOBI, the individuals loved it!

* How is MOBI making a difference for your students? The Latino community is an underserved sector, since most of the educational entrepreneurship programs are not offered in Spanish. Our Emprendete: Iniciar un Negocio students had the opportunity to participate in a program focused on entrepreneurship, in their language, and also for free. They can now apply these tools and the knowledge in their current businesses or as a guide for starting a new business in the future.

* (And anything else you would like to add?) Individuals from the Mexican consulate who also attended the onsite Emprendete classes felt that it was the ideal course for many to take, whether they own a business or would like to learn about business. We are looking forward to our next Emprendete course in 2020!

 Emprendete Fall 2019 Group Photo

 The first Emprendete: Iniciar un Negocio cohort.


Do you know an organization or school that might be interested in partnering with MOBI? 

Special Events: MOBI Students

From Oklahoma to San Jose, these MOBI students are excited about entrepreneurship!

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MOBI Annual Survey

Each fall MOBI conducts a survey of students who participated in one of our courses during the previous year. It’s helpful for us know how MOBI is supporting your business aspirations so we can continually improve our program. A special incentive is offered through a drawing of participants. Here is this year’s backpack winner, Anna from Oklahoma. Thank you to Anna and all our MOBI students this year and previous years for providing us your valuable feedback!

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Latina Emprendedora 2019

Yacanex Community hosted its third annual Latina Emprendedora conference this October. Founder Yacanex Posadas aims to build a community of Latina entrepreneurs by providing valuable information, connection, collaboration, and inspiration. Yacanex pictured here with SCU MOBI student intern Yesenia Garnica.

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The 2019 cohort of the onsite MOBI course at the San Jose Center for Employment Training (CET) kicked off this fall. Instructors Drew Starbird, Ph.D. and Dave Aune teach the MOBI curriculum to CET students to empower them to take their vocational learning to the next level with business ownership.


Popular Posts

MOBI highlights one theme every week on our social media platforms. We post blogs, videos, lists, and articles on a variety of topics relevant for aspiring entrepreneurs. Based upon reader activity, here are some top stories from the past quarter.

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We wish you a joyful holiday season, a Happy New Year, and all the best in business success!

The MOBI Team

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