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MOBI’s robust partner program continues to grow, supporting the development of economic opportunities through entrepreneurship in local communities, regions across the U.S., and globally. Over 100 educational institutions, community outreach programs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other groups inspire entrepreneurship among their participants using MOBI’s free entrepreneurship curriculum in creative, innovative, and unique ways that best fit their needs.

At the wish of our generous founder and benefactor, Phil Holland, MOBI’s content and curriculum are to be offered for free, whether directly through our website and learning management system or through our partners.

To learn more about the partnership program, please see below and then Submit a Partnership Request. All partnership requests are subject to review, evaluation, and approval by MOBI management.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

*Curriculum content may not be altered by any partner without the express collaboration and approval of the Santa Clara University My Own Business Institute (MOBI).*

  • Provide your constituents with an understandable, accessible, and actionable curriculum available 24x7 365 days a year, created to fuel and empower entrepreneurial dreams without making assumptions about education or business knowledge and/or experience.
  • Utilize an established and proven curriculum, with quizzes, activities, resources, and a final exam to jump start or complement your entrepreneurship/educational programming.
  • Empower your participants with a sense of achievement by providing them the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion and/or digital badge. 
  • Be a part of a global movement - MOBI has alumni in 249 countries and territories recognized by the ISO.
  • Create new opportunities for your organization by adding a robust resource with no cost to you or your constituents at ANY TIME. MOBI is to be offered for everyone, for free, forever. 
  • Broaden your program’s reach with MOBI’s inclusive English and Spanish curriculum.
  • Gain exposure for your organization as a MOBI partner through our website listing, newsletter, and social media posts.*** (For Collaborator partners and select Affiliate partners and subject to MOBI approval/guidelines.)

We regret MOBI is not a source of funding for entrepreneurs, partners, or organizations that fund entrepreneurs.

MOBI believes in providing accessible, understandable, and actionable education to help fuel entrepreneurial dreams. Partnerships help MOBI fulfill our mission of starting businesses and creating jobs by utilizing their direct relationships to bring our free entrepreneurship curriculum to audiences who need and want it most.

When evaluating potential partners, MOBI primarily considers mission, impact, and audience.


MOBI currently offers three types of partnerships: Friend, Affiliate, and Collaborator. Here are brief descriptions of MOBI’s partnerships along with our MOBI Partner Comparison Chart.

Friend: MOBI friends are newly established and/or smaller organizations or programs that believe MOBI’s curriculum and courses could benefit their audiences and their objectives in promoting entrepreneurship. Friend partners can recommend MOBI’s standard open courses to their participants/constituents through whatever communications they use (website, mailings, flyers, etc.), typically directing them to MOBI’s website and courses. No formal agreement is needed. These partners may wish to use MOBI’s curriculum to support their mission, yet do not yet qualify to participate at the Affiliate or Collaborator partnership levels.

Affiliate: MOBI’s affiliate partners are established/recognized organizations that refer their communities to the MOBI standard open courses on their websites or through other communication. Affiliate partners often require or suggest an educational component or entrepreneurial training as part of their own programs, and they find it helpful to refer their participants to MOBI’s free, online, and self-paced curriculum. Affiliate partnerships require a brief proposal including a description of the organization or program, and the impact and audience. Affiliate partners may be eligible for cross-promotional marketing opportunities subject to MOBI’s approval, such as placement of their logo on MOBI’s website, mention in our quarterly newsletter, and/or social media promotion.

Examples include (but are not limited to) state self-employment assistance programs, regional economic development programs, city or state governmental agencies, funding programs, and more. 

Collaborator: MOBI’s collaborator partners are those organizations for whom MOBI develops a co-branded interface, partner-specific login, and customized course(s) on our learning management system (LMS). Collaborators design their custom course by choosing from among MOBI's existing curriculum sessions (36) to create a combination of topics that best fits their needs (minimum of 10 topics required). There are other course options as well. These partners can observe or manage their participants’ progress in the MOBI course, set schedules and deadlines, specify passing requirements, and/or provide supplemental activities or instruction. Collaborator participants often take the course in cohorts or groups participating together. Collaborators typically meet a minimum number of participants per semester or cohort, or an equivalent ongoing enrollment. Collaborator partners are eligible for cross-promotional marketing opportunities, subject to MOBI’s approval including placement of their logo on MOBI’s website, success story features, blog posts, newsletter feature/mention, and/or social media promotion. Applicants must submit the Partnership Request survey and then will be contacted to complete a partnership proposal that is subject to approval.

Examples include (but are not limited to) community colleges, technical and vocational training centers, nonprofit organizations, high schools, NGOs, economic development organizations, city or state governmental agencies, funding programs, and other groups. 

Not sure what type of partner your organization might be? Take a look at the MOBI Partner Comparison Chart and fill out the Partnership Request to begin.

Read some recent MOBI Partner News, Partner Blogs, and Partner Success Stories to learn more.

Some of our collaborators include:



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