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Free Business Plan Template

Get ready. Get set. Go!

Enthusiastic by nature, entrepreneurs often want to hit the ground running. Yet, the most overlooked step to starting a successful business is creating a business plan. Anyone ready to put in the money and energy to pursue a business and who expects to make a profit, should take the time to write a business plan.

As a potential business owner, your business plan will:

  • Summarize your business goals
  • List strategies to reach your goals
  • Outline potential problems that your business will face and how to solve these issues
  • Illustrate the organizational and/or operational structure of your business
  • Include the amount of capital required to launch your business and what it will take to break even 

Once the business plan is complete, business owners will refer to their business plan to:

  • Manage their business wisely and stay on track as their business grows
  • Share their vision with potential investors
  • Attract new employees
  • Collaborate with partners and suppliers 

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