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MyOwnBusiness Institute

Our Courses

MOBI offers five online courses to earn a Certificate of Completion and/or digital badge from Santa Clara University.

Starting a Business»

15 Sessions teach business fundamentals and provide a step-by-step guide to writing your business plan.

Business Expansion»

15 Sessions help experienced entrepreneurs learn advanced business skills and how to grow a business.

Quick Start Entrepreneur»

Our 10 most essential sessions from the other two courses, plus 6 bonus sessions not required to earn a Certificate.

Sales & Marketing Badge Short Course»

An abbreviated course consisting of our 7 most essential sales and marketing sessions from our full selection of courses.

Small Business Essentials»

A MOBI On Demand course providing 10 foundational sessions to help aspiring business owners get started, audio and video formats available.

English Certificate of Completion for Starting a Business


What is Entrepreneurship?

Visit the MOBI Entrepreneur FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions about entrepreneurship and starting a business.


We believe in fueling dreams and building confidence by providing engaging, actionable, and understandable curriculum to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

MOBI's online courses are taught primarily through easy-to-understand text, with videos, activities, and worksheets to complement your learning. Quizzes in each session and a final exam at the end help you assess your learning. The courses are self-paced, with no weekly deadlines and no requirements, so you can enroll any time and pursue your learning as you have time. MOBI students come from all over the world and represent every kind of business imaginable.

MOBI provides:

  • Direct access to resources for each session
  • Assessment of learning through session quizzes and a final exam
  • Access to the "More from MOBI" videos featuring subject matter experts
  • New content provided in bonus sessions, blog posts, success story features, and a quarterly newsletter
  • Helpful tips, ideas, and articles shared through social media posts 
  • Opportunity to utilize and revisit the materials as needed