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Small Business Essentials (audio & video options)

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The MOBI Small Business Essentials course is the first course in the MOBI On Demand library. MOBI On Demand offers expanded accessibility and flexibility by adding audio and video curriculum formats to the MOBI learning experience. Students can choose the format or combination of formats that works best for their schedules and learning styles!

MOBI On Demand Small Business Essentials is being piloted in English, and students can view subtitles in English and Spanish with the video option.

Small Business Essentials introduces aspiring business owners to vital topics for starting a business. Learn how to select the ideal business, choose the appropriate legal structure, identify financing options, understand accounting fundamentals, and implement effective marketing strategies, including creating an online presence and selling.

Preview a segment of The Business Plan session from the MOBI On Demand Small Business Essentials course featuring presenter Kontji Anthony, CPCE, tech founder, TV host, and podcaster, by clicking the video to the right. This segment provides an introduction to the session as well as highlighting how a business plan can be an important building block for starting your own business.

Earning a Certificate of Completion and Digital Badge

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Students in the Small Business Essentials course are eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion and digital badge from Santa Clara University and MOBI by passing each session’s quiz with a score of 70% or higher. There is no final exam for this course.

Your Small Business Essentials Certificate and digital badge can be used to demonstrate your educational achievement and entrepreneurship preparation. They can be downloaded and attached to emails, letters, and documents, or added to online profiles.

Students who pursue the Small Business Essentials course through the video or audio curriculum options will need to log in to the course to complete each session's quiz online. The quizzes can be taken as you go or all together, and can be taken multiple times without penalty. Video, audio, and text learning modes are available in each session.* 

How to Begin

To get started with the MOBI On Demand Small Business Essentials course now for free, click any Course Login or Enroll Now button or link on our website to create your free account. With your account, you can log in and choose the option for MOBI On Demand courses, then select Small Business Essentials. Click the button to “Enroll Me,” and then you are ready to start!

More Video Previews

In this preview of the Accounting and Cash Flow session, viewers are introduced to the importance of financial organization in starting a business and an overview of what the session includes. The Accounting and Cash Flow session features presenter Lauren Ready, Owner and Principal Storyteller at Emmy award winning Forever Ready Productions in Memphis, TN. (0:37)

This video preview from the “Choosing the Right Business” session provides important considerations for choosing a business that's right for you, featuring presenter Jaclyn Suffel, Vice President at Powers Solutions, LLC, and industry veteran with over a decade of experience in the nonprofit and education sector in Memphis. (0:57)

* NOTE: You aren't obligated to use all modes listed for the Small Business Essentials course, so your progress bar for each session in the learning management system may not reach 100%. To view your personal course progress, expand the left menu by clicking the arrow in the red semicircle.


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