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Thriving Neighbors Initiative

Educating to Thrive


"I had the chance to learn from mentors, which allowed me to envision myself in their shoes. Now I can be that
mentor for others."

Lyndon Enow 

English, 2017


150 students and parents from the Greater Washington neighborhood will come to SCU for a taste of college life and the
journey to higher education.

Family Engagement Day

May 20, 2016

Ignatian Center

    Big News for Breakthrough: Announcing our Partnership with Santa Clara University

    Just down the road from our headquarters lies a world-class university with a socially conscious mission – Santa Clara University. Breakthrough Silicon Valley is pleased to announce an innovative partnership with this 165-year-old institution.

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    Summit Success

    The first Latino Education Summit: Silicon Valley started a conversation about the challenges, opportunities, and promises of the educational pipeline for Latino children, parents, and the working poor.

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      Hamza Yusuf | Islam, Citizenship, and Religious Liberty

      Why I Took Refuge in a Subway Station

      Former Donovan Fellow Tanya Schmidt, '12, shares a recent life experience. "I went to a subway station and found shelter on a bench, next to a homeless man who either had the same thought or had no other option.

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