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The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

The Ignatian Center exemplifies and activates the Jesuit, Catholic character of Santa Clara University.
We encourage our students, faculty, staff, and community to embrace Jesuit wisdom by inspiring awareness, thought, reflection, discernment, and action.

Creating a Network of Advocacy

This past July, two of the Ignatian Center's student associates, Marissa Ocampo and Yesenia Magdaleno-Solis attended the Ignatian Solidarity Network's 2019 Ignatian Justice Summit on Immigration. They connected with 25 other student-advocates and were all given tangible tools to work for immigration justice on their campuses.

“Seeing what I can actually do, what action I can bring back to SCU, has been so powerful,” Ocampo shared. “I have a vision now for what action I want to take as an advocate in the future.”

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Santa Clara County & Santa Clara University - Thriving Together

Santa Clara University’s Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education recently received a $21,000 grant from the County of Santa Clara to support its five-year-old Thriving Neighbors program.

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Class of 2019 Ignatian Center Superstars

This past month, SCU and the Ignatian Center said goodbye to some SUPERSTAR students. From Fulbright Scholarships to the Nobili Medal to the Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J. Award, these graduating seniors exemplify the ideals of Jesuit education, especially being a "whole person of solidarity in the real world."

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Building a Life Disconnected from Home

Excitement, gratitude, sadness and nerves - all the feelings Sri Ramesh '17 carries with her as she embarks on a 10-month AIF Clinton Fellowship in Puducherry, India. Although eager to escape the stress of Silicon Valley culture and return to the location of her 2016 Jean Donovan Fellowship, she recognizes the bittersweet possibility that her life may never be quite the same when she returns.

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Promoting Love, Positivity, & Solidarity

Ciara Moezidis ‘21, ASG Senator and 2018 Jean Donovan Fellow, strives to emulate the best of the #BodyPosi movement with the #BroncoPosi campaign. #BroncoPosi's purpose is to encourage love, promote positivity, and increase solidarity among all groups, addressing the many stigmas and stereotypes that minority groups face on campus.

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2019 Jean Donovan Fellows

This summer, the Ignatian Center's Jean Donovan Fellows will engage with communities from around the country and around the world. The focus of the fellowship is accompaniment and fellows work with community-based organizations addressing social justice issues ranging from healthcare to immigration. Congratulations to these 15 amazing SCU undergrads - we can't wait to hear about their life-changing experiences!

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Jesuit Education for Life

This past Spring Break, the Ignatian Center's Immersion Program sent students to Appalachia, the Arizona Border, Dominican Republic, and Redwood Monastery. These vastly different experiences resulted in a shared passion to do more. Whether it's a continued fight for immigration rights or a renewed sense of self-care and reflection, these students are well on their way to living out their Jesuit education for life.

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The Bannan Legacy

On March 23, SCU's historic home for alumni was renamed the Bannan Alumni House, in honor of Louis Bannan, S.J. and the entire Bannan family. The Bannan Family's affiliation with SCU is something near and dear to the heart of the Ignatian Center, which was originally named the Bannan Foundation for Christian Values in 1982. We continue to honor this SCU family legacy through our Bannan Forum programming.

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SCU in the Community

This academic year, the Ignatian Center's Arrupe Engagement placed 997 SCU students with 45 community partners, facilitating community-based learning opportunities that underscore SCU's commitment to justice and solidarity with marginalized communities. To learn how those 8 weeks of community engagement impacted the students, read their Arrupe Engagement Reflections.

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Technology, Wonder, & Us

We’re at the epicenter of the biggest ecosystem of information exchange in the history of humanity. So how do we ensure space for the experience of wonder? Good science and good technology need technical expertise—and also literacy in being authentically human. Read the full article by ICJE Executive Director Dorian Llywelyn, SJ.

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Universal Apostolic Preferences

The Universal Apostolic Preferences are the fruit of a process of discernment lasting almost two years and involving Jesuits and lay-partners across the world. These new preferences are a point of reference for the whole of the Society of Jesus and all its associated institutions and projects. They are intended to focus current work, unite hopes and desires, and inspire new endeavors. We invite you to learn more and take action with us! We want to make a Gospel difference.

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Humanizing Homelessness

Mandi Sit '20 first encountered the Ignatian Center when she decided to sign up for the San Jose First-Year Immersion trip the summer before starting at Santa Clara University. To find out how that trip as well as her two additional immersion experiences have had such an impact on her time at SCU, read Mandi's interview.

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More Powerful Together

The most recent recipient of the Ignatian Center’s Spohn Fellowship is well-deserving Bronco, Nick Spragg ’20. A Humanitarian Business Development and Art History major, Nick is in the University’s honors program, a Johnson Scholar, president of SCU TedX, an SCU Ambassador, and a former Jean Donovan Fellow. Read about his time in Uganda in his Spohn Fellowship Journal.

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