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Who is my neighbor?

Is Nature my Neighbor?

Can we?

Can we love our neighbor the environment as Pope Francis and Cardinal Turkson call us to do?  

Peter Turkson,


Should We?

Should we change the way we engage in the financial markets as a result of the environmental impact?

John Denniston,

St. Vincent de Paul District Council

Will We?

Will we instill values of caring for the environment to the next generation?

Ignatian Center

Why I Took Refuge in a Subway Station

Former Donovan Fellow Tanya Schmidt, '12, shares a recent life experience. "I went to a subway station and found shelter on a bench, next to a homeless man who either had the same thought or had no other option.

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Laudato Si' as a “Charter Document” for Santa Clara University

From the moment it was issued last year, Laudato Si' has served as a sort of charter document for elevating and moving Santa Clara University forward across all disciplines in our commitment to climate justice. It continues to be a great unifying document for our University: offering a wisdom to us that this commitment must be truly inclusive of every unit at the University, in the same way that Pope Francis’ call for an integrated ecology speaks not just to those engaged in sustainability, but to each and every human inhabitant of our common home.

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    Matthew Carnes, S.J. | Is There a Common Good?

    More than just a student-athlete

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