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Who is my neighbor?

Is Nature my Neighbor?

Can we?

Can we love our neighbor the environment as Pope Francis and Cardinal Turkson call us to do?  

Peter Turkson,


Should We?

Should we change the way we engage in the financial markets as a result of the environmental impact?

John Denniston,

St. Vincent de Paul District Council

Will We?

Will we instill values of caring for the environment to the next generation?

Ignatian Center

"As I prepare to graduate, I hope that the experiences and knowledge that I gain through my time at Sacred Heart will help prepare me to enter the field of social work so that I can continue to work with marginalized and underserved populations."

Karen Snowden '17
Community Development Fellow
Sacred Heart Education Center

One Column - integral podcast


INTEGRAL Podcast Episodes Available

We are excited to launch INTEGRAL, a Bannan Institute podcast