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The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

The Ignatian Center exemplifies and activates the Jesuit, Catholic character of Santa Clara University.
We encourage our students, faculty, staff, and community to embrace Jesuit wisdom by inspiring awareness, thought, reflection, discernment, and action.



Making an Impact - Here, There, and Everywhere
Meet the New Vice President

“Fr. Carnes' leadership as an educator, scholar, and Jesuit public intellectual will be a tremendous asset as we work towards strengthening Santa Clara’s position as a globally engaged and recognized Jesuit Catholic university,” said Santa Clara University President Julie Sullivan.

"His vision and experience will help strengthen and promote the University’s Jesuit Catholic mission and character in ways that are bold, inclusive, and reflective of the rich diversity of our  University community.” 

Stories of Impact

Alice Fulton '25

A Commitment to Solidarity

Alice Fulton '25

Little did Alice Fulton '25 know when she signed up for her first Experiential Learning for Social Justice (ELSJ) course through Arrupe Engagement that her experience would be so life-changing. Working at the College of Adaptive Arts not only provided Alice with a community and a unique family, but also it instilled in her a purpose and commitment to solidarity.

Gema Sanchez Gamez '26

We Work, Walk, and Dream Together

Gema Sanchez Gamez '26

This past Summer, the Ignatian Center hosted 9 students on an immersion trip to Chiapas, Mexico to learn about indigenous sovereignty and human rights. One of the attending students, Gema Sanchez Gamez '26, wrote about her experience visiting the coffee plantation of Petul, an indigenous farmer in the Yomol A'tel cooperative. 

Saron Weldemariam '26

Why I Do the Things I Do

Saron  Weldemariam '26

For LEAD Scholar Saron Weldemariam ’26, it took a life-changing Ignatian Center Immersion in Costa Rica to shift her perspective and remind her of her purpose and why what she was doing mattered. "Education is the reason my family came to this country, and I want to honor that.”

Faculty and Staff Immersion Kino Border Initiatives Spring 2023

A Pilgrimage of Accompaniment

Faculty Staff Immersion

In Spring 2023 the Ignatian Center hosted a Faculty Staff Immersion to the US/Mexico Border. The 11 participants learned about all aspects of the border immigration system, including desert walks, meeting with border patrol and ranchers in the area, and spending time in accompaniment with migrants at the Kino facility.


Finding Harmony Between the Head, the Heart, and the Hands

A delegation from Santa Clara University and its Jesuit School of Theology visited Rome this week to meet various leaders from the Vatican and the Society of Jesus. The trip included a private audience for President Sullivan with Pope Francis.


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