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Vice President, Mission & Ministry

  • Alison Benders

    Vice President, Mission & Ministry

    Alison Benders serves as the Vice President of Mission and Ministry, and is charged with developing and executing a strategic vision for activating the Jesuit, Catholic Tradition and the broader mission of Santa Clara University to the campus community and beyond.

    (408) 554-4064  |

Senior Director & COO

  • Michael Nuttall

    Senior Director | COO

    Michael Nuttall serves as the Senior Director and COO of the Mission and Ministry Division. 

    (408) 554-2747  |

Bannan Forum

  • Aaron Willis

    Director, Bannan Forum

    Aaron Willis serves as Director of the Ignatian Center's Bannan Forum. 

    (408) 554-4383  |

Ignatian Spirituality

  • Tony Cortese

    Program Director, Ignatian Spirituality

    Tony Cortese serves as Program Director of Ignatian Spirituality

    (408) 554-5358  |

Community-based Learning

  • Jennifer Merritt

    Director, Community-based Learning
    Arrupe Engagement & Thriving Neighbors

    Jennifer Merritt serves as Director of Community-based Learning, overseeing the Arrupe Engagement and Thriving Neighbors Programs.

    (408) 554-5013  |

  • Jim Somers

    Program Manager, Arrupe Engagement
    Jim Somers serves as Program Manager of Arrupe Engagement, primarily responsible for working with community partners in the program.
    (408) 554-4641 |
  • Edrick Servando Bondoc

    Program Director, Arrupe Engagement

    Edrick Servando Bondoc serves as Program Director of Arrupe Engagement, primarily responsible for supporting Faculty in the program.

    (408) 554-5011  |

  • Adriana Meza Gutierrez Ma

    Program Director, Thriving Neighbors

    Adriana Meza Gutierrez Ma serves as Program Director of Thriving Neighbors,  primarily responsible for the Education Pipeline.

    (408) 551-7136  |


  • Anna Ricci

    Interim Director, Immersions

    Anna Ricci serves as Interim Director of Immersions.

    (408) 554-3437  |

  • Valerie Sarma

    Senior Program Director, Student Engagement and Special Projects 

    Valerie Sarma serves as Senior Program Director of Student Engagement and Special Projects.

    (408) 554-5272  |


  • Mary McLane

    Director, External Relations

    Mary McLane serves as Director of External Relations, responsible for overseeing the Center's fundraising efforts. 

    (408) 551-7176  |

  • Nina Mota

    Director, Communications and Marketing

    Nina Mota serves as Director of Communications and Marketing, responsible for overseeing the Center's marketing and communications. 

    (408) 551-7177  |

  • Susan Chun

    Administrative Associate, Finance and Data Management

    Susan Chun serves as the Logistics and Operations Specialist, a member of the Operations Team who oversees the Center's database management and supports the Center as a whole.

    (408) 554-4549  |


Mailing Address

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara CA 95053-0454




8:00 a.m.–5 p.m. (PST)

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