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Bannan Stories

    Thriving Neighbors Stories

    Greater Washington - Voices de la Comunidad

    The Greater Washington Report

    Metrics for Impact page
    Thriving Neighbors

    3683 hours of engagement completed in after-school program in 2017-18.

    A Thriving Community

    Harold Gutmann

      Arrupe Engagement Stories

      Fist Bump
      Spirit of Gratitude

      Arrupe Engagement Reflections

      Graphic for Impact page
      Arrupe Engagement

      1162 students enrolled in Arrupe Engagement in

        Immersion Stories

        Mandi Sit
        Humanizing Homelessness

        Mandi Sit '20

        New Orleans Wall Art
        Immersion Trip Reflections

        Winter Break '18

        Metric for Impact page

        44% of student participants received financial aid in

        Kino Border Initiative
        A Catalyst for Solidarity

        Faculty & Staff Immersion '18

        Cross Country Runners
        Going Off Track

        Pete Cushman

        Metric for Impact page

        139 students went on trips in 2017-18.

           General Stories

          More Powerful Together

          Nick Spragg '20

          Peru Parage
          Jean Donovan Fellows

          Summer 2018

          Maria El Salvador Trip
          Jesuit Education in Action

          Maria Muñoz Yepez '19

          Sustainable Activism

          Ciaran Freeman '18