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Hal and Yolanda Tilbury's Impactful Gift

Hal and Yolanda Tilbury

Hal and Yolanda Tilbury's Impactful Gift

Mr.Tilbury let us know that Santa Clara provided him with a great education.

He particularly valued the four years he spent in the dorms with, in his own words, “the most outstanding young men that I have ever known.”

Love for the SCU community and its Jesuit mission has continued to inspire Hal and Yolanda Tilbury over decades of philanthropy. Among other things, they have provided support to people in low-income communities who have limited access to financial services and are thus vulnerable to predatory loans, and to a school for homeless children. Following graduation from SCU, Mr. Tilbury went on to become a successful serial entrepreneur. He also married Yolanda and raised four children.  During these busy years, Mr. Tilbury continued his connections with SCU, participating in class reunions and San Diego alumni chapter events, and serving on the Board of Fellows. In time, he and Mrs. Tilbury became parents of SCU students.

At Hal’s 50th reunion in 2015, their passion for early childhood education found a home in the Ignatian Center’s Thriving Neighbors program. Mr.and Mrs. Tilbury made a $25k gift to Thriving Neighbors in honor of his reunion, recognizing the inspiration he received from those “outstanding young men” of the class of 1965.

Mr. Tilbury’s software business, Bluepoint Solutions provided support for credit unions. After 16 years, he sold the business. With the proceeds, he and Yolanda established a Charitable Remainder Trust. [A charitable trust provides an income stream during their lifetimes and upon termination of the trust or death the proceeds will benefit charity].Through their Trust, they made a commitment and a provision for the Ignatian Center to receive 20% after their passing - a minimum of $5m in today’s dollars. 

The generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Tilbury to the Ignatian Center represents a significant partnership that brings together their interests with the vision and future of the Center – helping to educate and inspire new generations of outstanding young men and women. At their request, when the gift comes to fruition, the first $1,000,000 will be dedicated to an immediately expendable fund to support the work of the Ignatian Center over a period of five years. The remainder will be placed into the Hal and Yolanda Tilbury Family Endowment Fund to support the Center’s work, which will provide resources to the Center for its most urgent needs and give us greater flexibility to pursue our work in creative and non-traditional areas.

The Ignatian Center is very grateful for the financial generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Tilbury. More importantly, however, we are humbled by their commitment, their passion, and their partnership with the Ignatian Center and Santa Clara University.

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