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Since founding their first school in 1548, the Jesuits have aimed to provide an education that forms students as whole persons who will change the world for the better.
Our Vision

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education will be recognized throughout Silicon Valley as providing leadership for the integration of faith, justice, and the intellectual life.

Our Mission

The Ignatian Center promotes and enhances the distinctively Jesuit, Catholic tradition of education at Santa Clara University, with a view to serving students, faculty, staff, and through them the larger community, both local and global.

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    As one of the University’s three Centers of Distinction, the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education exemplifies a centuries-old worldview that feels right for our times. Based on the belief that from deep personal reflection grows mindful action toward a greater good, Ignatian spirituality focuses on a holistic approach to learning, a commitment to open and inclusive dialogue, and finding God’s will for better decision making.

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    In the modern world, we encourage our students, faculty, staff, and community to embrace Jesuit wisdom by inspiring awareness, thought, reflection, discernment, and action. The Ignatian Center’s programs provide a go-to resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community to discover Jesuit principles and make them their own. Participants learn first-hand how Ignatian wisdom can enrich lives, bridge differences, and catalyze meaningful change toward a more equitable, sustainable world. No other enterprise, at Santa Clara University or in Silicon Valley, plays this role.

  • Values Matter

    The Ignatian worldview takes faith, intellect, and Catholic social teaching seriously. As cornerstones of the Jesuit tradition—and Santa Clara University’s mission—these values help us see our lives, our work, and our community with clear eyes. Living our mission with ever-greater integrity, we can be more and act more authentically, so that, through our work, more may flourish.

  • Faith Matters

    Rapidly developing technology. Globalization. New things to learn. New ways of looking at the world. But one constant is faith—the many ways in which people seek ultimate meaning for their lives. The Ignatian Center welcomes those of all religions and creeds who believe  that there is a great good in the world worth reflecting in their lives.

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