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Strategic Plan

ICJE Strategic Plan

  • Goal 1 of the Strategic Plan: Expand access to and understanding of Ignatian Spirituality

    What is the Ignatian worldview and how does it relate to Jesuit education and Santa Clara University? Our goal is to help SCU students, staff, and faculty become ambassadors of the Jesuit intellectual and spiritual tradition that grows out of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. By developing opportunities for our audiences to experience the many facets of the Ignatian way of being, we contribute to the mission of SCU, fostering a spirit of reflection and discernment that leads people to discover deeper meaning and purpose in their lives and more authentic action in their work.

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    The Ignatian Center has a loyal fan base. Students who take part in our Immersions LOVE immersions and faculty that attend Bannan lectures do so faithfully. Our goal is to reach beyond that fan-base, and make room at the table for a broader, more diverse population. By focusing on strategic partnerships with the university and beyond, we can reach a wider range of people and make what we do more impactful. 

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    Arrupe Placements, Immersion Trips, and Bannan Events are all familiar names for the SCU population. Yet many people struggle to articulate what the Igantian Center as a whole is all about. We want to change that. By communicating the common thread of Jesuit educational tradition throughout our programs, we can begin to weave a story about our purpose as the SCU Center of Distinction focused on living out and promoting the mission of the university.

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    Relationships are key to financial sustainability. By deepening our connection to our Advisory Board in their philanthrophy and their ability to connect us to others; providing sustained and attractive communications to present and potential donors; and partnering with corporations and foundations in Silicon Valley and beyond, we will foster those relationships and establish the financial means for igniting the flame of Jesuit education, here there and everywhere.