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Activating Jesuit Education - Here, There, and Everywhere

The Ignatian Center’s programs provide a go-to resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community to discover Jesuit principles and make them their own. Participants learn first-hand how Ignatian wisdom can enrich lives, bridge differences, and catalyze meaningful change toward a more equitable, sustainable world.

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Arrupe Engagment

Arrupe Engagement expands the walls of the classroom by providing real world opportunities to work with non profits, underscoring our commitment to the common good, universal human dignity, justice as participation, and solidarity with marginalized communities.

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Bannan Forum

The Bannan Forum collaboratively leads faculty, staff, administrators, and students in advancing the Jesuit, Catholic vocation of SCU as a transformative social force, building a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

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Ignatian Worldview

The Ignatian Worldview involves ways of viewing reality, of understanding the human person, and responding to the world’s needs and to God’s invitation. We can also call it Ignatian style, story, and substance. 

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Immersion Program

Immersion experiences, both local and global, are designed to help participants see the world with new eyes, to recognize the unjust suffering of marginalized communities and individuals, and to allow those experiences to inform their vocational discernment. 

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Student Leadership

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education offers numerous leadership opportunities for students to strengthen their leadership abilities, engage in vocational discernment, and deepen their understanding of social justice issues in order to deepen their education at SCU.

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Thriving Neighbors

Thriving Neighbors is an engaged teaching, scholarship, and sustainable development program that links Santa Clara University with the five, predominantly Latino neighborhoods that make up the Greater Washington community in San Jose.