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Student Fellowships

The Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education offers numerous fellowship opportunities for students. Through these experience-broadening programs, students will be challenged to strengthen their leadership abilities, engage in vocational discernment, and deepen their understanding of social justice issues in order to deepen their education at SCU.


Jean Donovan Fellows
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The Jean Donovan Fellowship is a 6-8 week, summer, community-based learning experience supporting undergraduate students who desire to deepen their understanding of social justice issues. The fellowship is named in honor of Jean Donovan, an American woman who lived, worked, and died in solidarity with the oppressed and impoverished of El Salvador in the 1980s.

Student sitting at laptop
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The Ignatian Fellowship offers SCU undergraduates the opportunity to deepen their commitment to social justice through a community-based learning experience. Ignatian Fellows will receive funding to work with a non-profit of their choice. Ignatian Fellows will participate in Fall Quarter formation prior to serving throughout the Winter Quarter. It is basically an internship with enhanced reflection and support!

Student Arrupe Fellow
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The Arrupe Fellowship offers undergraduates a formation experience rooted in the Ignatian Center’s mission of creating men and women for others. Fellows deepen their understanding of solidarity and vocation through community engagement with organizations in underserved communities and bi-weekly formation gatherings in community-based learning and Catholic Social Thought.

Thriving Neighbors Fellowship
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The Thriving Neighbors Fellowship is a paraprofessional community-based learning experience, which allows undergraduate students to obtain professional work experience while pursuing defined learning goals and objectives. Fellows are matched with a community partner for a full academic year, spending an average of eight to ten hours per week in the community.

Ignatian Center Students | Leaders of Tomorrow

Ignatian Fellow Afton Burrell
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This Winter Quarter, Ignatian Fellow Afton Burrell '21 completed her fellowship working with A Step Ahead Foundation. Afton shares how the virtual aspect of her fellowship provided surprisingly intimate and direct connection with the community.

Alexis Takagi
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As part of her fellowship working with the Northern California Innocence Project this past quarter, Alexis Takagi '22 led the creation of a podcast aimed at engaging the public with the organization's work of challenging wrongful convictions. One of her interviews was published on StoryCorps and aired on National Public Radio (NPR).

Riley Sherr working in Costa Rica hospital
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Riley Scherr, 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow, spent part of his summer in San Jose, Costa Rica working in the medical field. While the experience was valuable for his pre-med studies, it is the lessons he learned in humility, generosity, and second chances that will contribute to his development as a person for others.

Profile picture of Sri in Mumbai
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Sri Ramesh, 2017 SCU graduate, finds herself in a place of reflection. It’s a surprising place to be, for this self-proclaimed “talker,” but it’s where she often lives since going on her first immersion trip the summer after her freshman year.